• 6th-grade Music

    2021-2022 School Year

    1st Semester

    1st 9 Weeks

    Mr. Viola

    Stage (Auditorium)


    3(A), 1st Exploratory, Monday-Friday, 12:24-1:03pm

    4(A), 2nd Exploratory, Monday-Friday, 1:07-1:46pm

    Office Hours: 8:30-8:59am

    Planning and Lunch: 10:31am-12:19pm

    Email: mviola@henry.k12.va.us

    School phone number: (276)-632-7216 

    Course Description

    This is a 9-week exploratory class for the Middle School Choir Program.  No previous experience is necessary.  Emphasis is placed on learning to use the voice correctly and strengthening part-singing.  Instruction includes development of basic musical skills through use of singing techniques.  

    Course Objectives


    • Vocal Development: tone, breath, care of the voice, pitch, and intonation.
    • Development of Musicality: expressing the written music through performance of varied styles and listening.
    • Music Appreciation and History: understanding of periods, composers, styles, genres, and instruments.
    • Sight Reading: reading music through the use of the solfege system.
    • Music Literacy: following a vocal score with all markings, symbols, and directions.
    • Music Theory: understanding notes, rest values, and musical symbols.
    • Movement: expressing music through choreography if the music calls for it.
    • Decorum: presenting oneself in a formal and informal concert setting as well as showing the kind of demeanor and courtesy one should have as an audience member.


    Required Materials

    • iPad
    • Water bottle
    • College ruled composition notebook
    • Pencil

    Donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes are always appreciated.

    Evaluation and Grading Policy


    What is expected from you as a participant of the music classroom?

    • Sitting in your seat at the beginning of class with all materials.
    • Attempting to sing, move, and follow all directions at the best of your ability.
    • Raising your hand to answer questions or ask questions.
    • Assisting the teacher and fellow students when needed.
    • Taking part in all classroom activities, singing or otherwise.
    • Completing or attempting to complete worksheets or homework.
    • Giving your best in all tests and quizzes.
    • Being attentive in all vocal rehearsals.
    • Behaving in such a manner to support the learning environment.


    The basis of any superior organization is strict discipline. It is expected that each singer realize his/her responsibility to the group and engage in self-discipline. The rules presented in the Laurel Park Middle School Lancer Code and discipline policies of Henry County Public Schools will be strictly adhered to in rehearsals, performances, and off-campus activities.

    Students will be expected to conform to the following classroom rules:

    1. Show respect to the teacher by not talking without permission.
    2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    3. Be in place with appropriate materials when class begins.
    4. Do not sing out of turn.
    5. Do not chew gum, or consume food, seeds/drinks in the choir room.
    6. No fragrances such as scented lotions, hand sanitizers, perfume, cologne, or body spray.  
    7. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    8. Have fun!


    • Technical Skill 25% (Comprehension of musical symbols and terms, Breath control, Phrasing, Response to conducting)
    • Musical Disciplines 25% (Posture, Engagement in rehearsal, Independence of Part)
    • Performance Assessment 40% (In-class performances, School assemblies, Winter and Spring concerts)
    • Written Assessment 10% (Bell ringers, song lyrics)

    Daily Participation

    Participation is an important part of group performance; therefore, any behavior that distracts or disrupts the work of the group will cause a loss of letter grades. Students receive a letter grade for every class each nine weeks.  Failure to come to class with materials will result in loss of participation points. Loss of participation points will be deducted as follows: first strike (90), second strike (80), third strike (70) and fourth strike (60). Frequent lack of participation or disruptive behaviors will result in a phone call home and/or a referral.

    Extra Credit 

    There is no extra credit for Music. 

    Late/Missing/Incomplete Assignments

    Late work will be deducted one letter grade (10 points) for each week it is late.

    Canvas will automatically enter a 0 as a placeholder for missing assignments. 


    Please identify yourself and your relationship to your child if it is your first time emailing me about their progress and include the best number to reach you during the school day (8-3:30). Emails, Canvas/Class Dojo Messages, phone calls received after 3:30 will be answered the next school day.