• Mission Statement for Henry County Athletics

    Henry County Public Schools is committed to the overall health, character and well-being of each student.  Extra-curricular activities are essential to the promotion of these ideals.  Henry County Public Schools strives to provide opportunities for students through athletics and activities that bolster integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, innovation, teamwork, dedication and endurance. 

    Participants are involved in experiences that contribute to the development of both physical and mental wellness. Being involved in an extracurricular activity is a privilege, not a right.  Henry County Public Schools strives to make each activity a quality experience for all participants and we reserve the right to revoke this privilege of participation when a student does not conduct him/herself in an acceptable manner or represent our community and school in a positive light.


    Assumption of Risk

    After school activities may result in situations where participants are at risk of physical injury. Coaches, staff and students exercise care in practices and games and take necessary precautions but this risk remains.  It is critical student participants understand these risks and they adhere to all precautions and safety directions from their coach/advisor. These are developed in an attempt to minimize injuries.