• Academics

    Any student who does not pass their required classes during the current grading period will be suspended from competition until the mid-term grades are reviewed by Administration.  If the student is passing their required classes at the mid-term, he/she may be reinstated to the team. This decision is made by the Principal at the end of the 6 weeks for high school and at the end of the semester/year for middle school.

    In addition to this policy, students participating at the high school and middle school level must also comply with the Virginia High School League semester eligibility requirements outlined in Section 28-4-1 Scholarship Rule. Semester grades for high school, final grades for middle school and then quarter grades.


    Required Classes to pass

    Grading Period

    Ninth – Twelfth

    3 out of 4 classes

    6 weeks

    Sixth – Eighth

    *4 out of 6 classes

    *Math and English must be passed



    Attendance Requirement

    All participants must be in school for the entire school day to be eligible for participation.  Exceptions will follow the HCPS attendance policy regarding absences.


    Out-of-School Suspension

    Any participant assigned out-of-school suspension will be ineligible during the assigned suspension period.  In addition, they may receive further discipline from the Principal, Athletic Director, or the Coach including temporary or permanent suspension from the team.


    In-School Suspension

    Given that any extra-curricular activities are privileges, any participant assigned to in-school suspension will be ineligible for practice or play on the day(s) they serve their in-school suspension.


    Incident Suspension Policy

    Any participant who becomes involved in an investigation by school administration will not be allowed to participate in practices or games while the investigation is ongoing.