• Dismissal/Quitting

    Any student who is dismissed from/or quits a team is ineligible to participate in another sport until that season ends. Students are also ineligible to participate in pre-season conditioning workouts, including open gym, until the end of that season. Appeals can only be granted by the Principal.


    Equipment Distribution/Return

    All equipment distributed to a student becomes the responsibility of the student until it is returned.  Lost, stolen or damaged items are the responsibility of the student and the student will be held financially accountable for those items.


    Communication Expectations

    Coaches are expected to clearly communicate expectations, team requirements and their coaching philosophy.  Parents and students are expected to communicate concerns, scheduling conflicts, illnesses and injuries. 

    Topics of conversation that are discouraged include playing time, team strategy, play calling and other students. These items are non-negotiable and will not be discussed. Additionally, it is inappropriate to approach a coach/sponsor before or after a contest or competition. The following steps are suggested to discuss concerns with a coach/sponsor:

    • Preferably the student athlete and parent arrange a meeting with the coach to discuss concerns.
    • If a desirable outcome cannot be reached, set up a meeting with the Athletic Director.

    If you feel that the meeting with a coach/sponsor and an Athletic Director did not result in a reasonable explanation, you call and set up a meeting with the Principal to discuss the issue.