• Alcohol/Drug Policy

    It is the goal of the Athletic Department, its coaching staff, athletic trainers, and administrators that all student-athletes are drug, tobacco and alcohol free at all times!  The abuse of alcohol and illicit use of drugs can be detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of student-athletes, no matter when such use should occur during the school year.  Use or abuse of alcohol and use of drugs can seriously interfere with the performance of students and athletes.  This behavior can also be extremely injurious to student-athletes and their teammates, particularly when participating in athletic competition or practice.

              The Henry County School Board has issued the following guidelines/consequences concerning the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.  Violations of the Athletic Code of Conduct will result in the following:

    • First Offense – 30-day suspension from competition (30 calendar days)
    • Second Offense – 90-day suspension from competition (90 calendar days)
    • Third Offense – 365-day suspension from practice and competition
    • Fourth Offense – Suspended from participation for the remainder of their high school career


    Participants and parents must understand that these violations apply to the student’s entire secondary school career. For example, if the first offense occurs in the 9th grade year and a second violation occurs in the junior year, the result would be the 90-day suspension during junior year.

    Examples of Violations:

    • refusing to take an alcohol breathalyzer
    • attending a party where alcohol is served
    • possession or consumption of alcohol/illegal drugs


    Any athlete removed from the team will forfeit any school-sponsored awards for that activity.


    Reinstatement to the team, if at all or at what level following such a suspension, is at the complete discretion of school administration.