I understand fully that my participation in VHSL-sanctioned, competitive, extracurricular activities and middle school athletics is a privilege.  In order to participate, I must be a “student in good standing.”  Therefore, I hereby agree to accept and abide by the standards, rules, and regulations set forth by the Henry County School Board and the coaches/sponsors for these activities in order to participate. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Pledge Program guidelines.


    Furthermore, I understand that any use, possession, or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal or synthetic drugs is strictly prohibited. I pledge not to use, possess, or distribute these substances under any circumstances.


    I understand that I may forfeit my privilege to participate in VHSL sanctioned sports/activities as well as Non-VHSL sanctioned activities if I break this pledge. 


    Your signature will be required on the next to last page of this document stating that you have received, read, understand and will abide by this pledge.