• High School Participation Form for Eighth Grade Students

    All eighth grade students will be eligible to try out for junior varsity athletic teams and other activities that are available for ninth grade students’ participation (Soccer, marching band, etc.) for the current school year if the following guidelines are met and all signatures are secured.* These guidelines are in place to provide all students with opportunities for success and achievement, on and off the field and to ensure there are a sufficient number of athletes to field a junior varsity team or other high school sponsored group.       



    Sport/Activity: __________________________________

    Coach/Sponsor Name: ______________________________________


    The following signature (high school coach/sponsor) acknowledges that the high school coach/sponsor is planning to include no more than the maximum number of 8th graders listed below. By signing here, the coach/sponsor states that he/she is taking only players who will be necessary for the success of the JV program. Additionally, signature indicates that only players who will receive playing time are being offered the opportunity to play JV.


    _____________________________________        ________________________________________        __________________                                      High School Coach/Sponsor Printed Name                                         High School Coach/Sponsor Signature                                          Date


    The following signature (high school principal) acknowledges that the high school coach/sponsor has discussed all information indicated above with their coach/sponsor.


    _____________________________________        ________________________________________         __________________                                      High School Principal Printed Name                                        High School Principal Signature                                                  Date


    The number of 8th Grade students playing JV will not exceed _________.


    The following signatures (middle school principal and coach/sponsor) acknowledge that if the maximum number of eighth grade students noted above opt to participate at the high school level, this will not prevent the middle school from fielding a team/group for the sport/activity noted above.


    ____________________________________         ________________________________________         __________________                                  Middle School Coach/Sponsor Printed Name                Middle School Coach/Sponsor Signature                                  Date


    ____________________________________        ________________________________________        __________________                              Middle School Principal Printed Name                               Middle School Principal Signature                                        Date


    * No qualified ninth or tenth grade student will be “cut” from a junior varsity team to create an opening for an equally qualified eighth grade student. All eighth grade students who are eligible and receive a spot on any junior varsity athletic team must adhere to the same guidelines and expectations as the participating high school students. Special placement students must participate in extracurricular opportunities at the school which they are approved to attend.


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