• Rules and Routines

    1. Seating is open until a seating chart has been established.
    2. Tardy is coming through the door as the bell rings or after I have shut the door.  I will shut the door when the bell rings.
    3. When students enter the classroom, they should be quiet, go to their seat, and look at the board for instructions.  If you need to sharpen your pencil or you need materials, please take care of this upon entering the room.
    4. I will dismiss the class.  The tone will not.
    5. Before exiting the classroom, students will organize their workstation by cleaning up and putting away materials. 
    6. When students are ready to turn in assignments, they must be complete.  Turn in assignments as they were assigned to you and in accordance to due dates.  If you need to complete classwork, you just got homework!  However, plan to turn the assignment in upon entering the classroom the next school day.
    7. We follow the first 30, last 30 rule.  Do not ask to go anywhere the first 30 minutes of class or the last 30 minutes of class.
    8. Do not ask to go to another teacher's class.  If they need you, they will request you or send you with a note to me.
    9. ANYTIME you walk outside the classroom, other than emergency/drill, you will need a pass.
    10. If you need to go to the water fountain, ask.  Do not ask upon entering the class.  Please wait until instruction has paused before asking.  If someone is addressing the class, please wait until the address is over and then ask.  If no one is addressing the class, please ask to sign the out of class sheet and stamp a pass for yourself.    I will probably let you go unless it is a habitual problem.
    11. If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, please follow the instructions above.
    12. If you need supplies for class, please ask for them upon entering the classroom.  Do not interrupt the class address and do not wait until the end of class to ask.
    13. Please bring materials to class.  Please do not write in red unless that is all you have.  If so, I will adjust.
    14. If you don't have materials, ASK!!
    15. No food or drinks will be consumed at the student's desk.
    16. If you need assistance, ask three before me unless it is a graded assignment such as a test.  Asking for assistance is different than copying or cheating, don't you think?
    17. If you want to ask a question, but are afraid to ask, write it down and give it to me or get someone else to ask.
    18. Wear school-dress code appropriate clothing.  If not, you may be asked to turn it inside out, change, or be sent to administration.
    19. Treat substitutes and guest better than you do me.
    20. I do not tolerate bullying.
    21. You will be responsible for your actions.
    22. Read and obey the rules and regulations in the handbook and code of conduct.
    23. We will use our technology for good, not evil!!!