•                                                     Integrated Math 7  Week of May 11-15


    Hello Everyone! 


    Please make sure you get caught up with all assignments this week. If you have incomplete work, it will be marked as a fail. Please work hard this week to complete all work.   

    Our Google Meet schedule this week will be Tuesday and Thursday with the following times.


    Core 1: 8:30-9:00

    Core 2: 9:00-9:30

    Core 3: 9:30-10:00




    If you are working on the paper packet:


    -please watch this video before you begin the work for Monday, April 20 on Boxplots. 



    -please watch this video before you begin the work for Tuesday, April 14.

    Scatterplot Instruction 


    -here is the Desmos code for the activity on Thursday, April 16

    Desmos Scatterplot


    -please watch this video before you begin the work for Thursday

    Line of Best Fit


    If you have any questions, either raise your hand on Classkick or email me at Mrs. Browning's Email.