• May 11-15

    Students. Parents and Guardians,

    Please have all students complete all assignments or make any necessary corrections. Please check students’ Unified Classroom for assignments that may be marked as “fail” or have no grade yet!
    This is the last week to turn in graded work! I am available daily via email. I will be on google meet Tuesday & Thursday10:00-11:30! Students, I would LOVE to see everyone who can meet this week as our year together is ending quickly!
    Core 1: 10-10:30
    Core 2: 10:30-11
    Core 3: 11-11:30
    Check your stu henry email for the link to join!
    Thank you all for everything you have done this year! A huge emphasis on the last couple of months, I know school at home has been hard, but I am so SO proud of each of you!!!
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  • May 4-8, 2020

    May 4 - May 8, 2020

    1. SSR reading for 20 minutes each day and complete the reading log.
    2. Read the passage The Lady With the Lamp and answer the questions
    3. Read the passage Racing Alaska’s Historic Iditarod Trail and answer the questions.   
    4. Complete any missing work, last day to turn in work is May 15th! 

    Classkick code: QFM TW2


    The above work is due by Sunday, May 10th! 

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  • April 27-May 1

    To Do:

    English 6 Week of 4/27 - 5/1

    Justice-- Class kick code:GSH 3RC

    • ●  Complete a Daily Reading Log:​ After reading each day for 20 minutes, summarize what you read each of the five days. (Remember who, what, when, where and why need to be included in your short summary.) See classkick.

    • ●  Complete the Figurative Language Review: ​Complete it one day this week, or break it down and complete throughout the week. See classkick.

    • ●  Complete any Make-Up Work: ​Turn it back in to the school and let your teacher know you have completed all of your assignments. See my webpage, titled "missing work". It is a great idea to check your gradebook in powerschool also. If you complete missing work on class kick, please raise your hand for a check so I know you went back and completed it! :)

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  • Missing Work Update

    I am listing the class kick codes below for work that may be missing. If you checked your grades via powerschool and see a fail, you didn't turn it in. Paper copies are also acceptable, if you picked them up, please turn them back in to the school.


    Passages from the week of March 30th, there are two: AEA S19

    Reading log from the week of April 14th-17th: 3XC TCJ

    Journal from the week of April 14th-17th: KH4 7IU

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  • April 20-24, 2020

    Monday- 20 min. of IXL or Reading Passage and Questions: Fountain Drinks on ClassKick

    Tuesday- 20 min. of IXL or Reading Passage and Questions: Cartoons on ClassKick

    Wednesday- Continuation of Coronavirus Journal, on classkick 

    Thursday-Continuation of Coronavirus Journal, on classkick

    Friday-Continuation of Coronavirus Journal, on classkick


    Class kick advice: Use your first and last name each time and you can get back into the same document you started your work on! 

    Class kick code for the week: 

    WSP N9R

    **Yes, only ONE code this week**

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  • April 14-17, 2020 *edited 4/20/2020

    April 14-17, 2020


    Monday: holiday, see you tomorrow!



    -20 min. SSR/respond to log on class kick (code: 3XC TCJ)

    -On classkick, (code: KH4 7IU) or paper packet picked up from school, students should write a Dear Diary entry for each school day, writing about what life is like under quarantine, must be at least 5 sentences each day, sentence must begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation. 

    -20 min. IXL


    *Please call school before going to pick up work. Please return all completed paper packets to school IF you are going to pick up a new one! 


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  • March 30-April 3

    March 30- April 3, 2020

    **edited on 4/20/2020, I will highlight what should have been done before interims!! I will be deleting codes that aren't needed anymore!


    All assignments for this week are on the classkick website. Go to www.classkick.com, and enter the codes below. Enter your first and last name and complete the assignment. After you complete the assignment it will automatically show up to me. 

    Please note that paper copies of all assignments are available to pick up at the school Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:30pm. Please call the school first at (276) 632-7216 prior to going to the school. 

    English 6

    -20 min. SSR/Log     
    -20 min. IXL
    -1st Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions on ClassKick
    or within paper copy packet to be picked up at school. Classkick code: AEA S19

    -20 min. SSR/Log     
    -20 min. IXL
    -Vocabulary Pages 10 + 11 on ClassKick/Paper    


    -20 min. SSR/Log     
    -20 min. IXL
    -2nd Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions on ClassKick/Paper
    Classkick code: AEA S19

    -20 min. SSR/Log     
    -20 min. IXL
    -The Watson’s Go to Birmingham Plot Diagram on ClassKick/Paper

    -20 min. SSR/Log     
    -20 min. IXL
    -Continue working on Writing Prompt on ClassKick/Paper 

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  • Google Meet Link & NEW Schedule

     **Updated 4/13/2020**

    NEW links will be sent directly to students at their stuhenry email accounts at the end of spring break. This is to ensure the safety of our student in our virutual meetings!  Please email me or message me on the remind app with any questions! 


    No Google meets on Monday-Tuesday this week! Google meet schedule begins on Wednesday, April 15th! 



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  • Student Instructions-- March 16th-March 27th

    Please use this list to complet the work over the course of two weeks we are out. I have sent home a hard/paper copy with each student present on 3/13/2020.

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  • Social Media for Teacher Contact on Break :)

    Follow me on twitter---   @sjusticelpms


    or my new Instagram, just for school----   middle_school_yall_lpms6


    I am hoping these are ways we can keep in contact on this extended break. Parents can also still contact me via he remind app or my email stacy.justice@henry.k12.va.us. All assignments will be posted on this webpage going forward. 


    Thanks for stopping by!! 

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