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     Directions for Remote Assignments 

    On this page, you will find review material that focuses on all SOL topics we have covered so far this year. The material is presented in the same order it was taught. If more material should be added, a Remind will be sent out to parents and students letting them know.

    Also, during this time out, I suggest students practice using IXL. Should they need their IXL username and password, the student or parent is welcome to e-mail me, and I will provide that information for you.

    Students may export these documents into their Spiral Review folder on Cabinet (iPad app). If for some reason they cannot put these on their iPads, they may write answers on notebook paper in order to know what questions they may have for me when we return.

    In any particular section, students need to complete Practice 1, if they want any review/practice of the topic. Students may then spiral back to the other practices for more review if desired. Some of the documents have missing questions. Please just work the questions that are on the practice and do not be concerned about any that have been deleted.

    Students are welcome to email me though their school or parent’s email to ask questions. (Please to not email through student’s personal email.) Students may also contact me through “Messages” in Unified Classroom. They need to go to our Math 8 class page, click Messages tab, click on inbox, then write their message. This uses their school email.

    Students are also encouraged to review all of the notes/worksheets they have already done this year.

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