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    Supplies:       1- 1 inch binder and loose leaf paper, pen and/or pencils


    TEXT: Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2003

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In grade nine, students complete the transition from modified versions of movement forms to more complex applications across all types of physical activities. Activities include games, sports, dances, and recreational pursuits. Students demonstrate the ability to use basic skills, strategies, and tactics as they show more specialized knowledge in identifying and applying key movement concepts and principles. Students develop and assess a personal physical activity program aimed at improving their skill performance. Students demonstrate the ability to plan and improve components of fitness to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness. Health education includes information concerning alcohol and other drugs, consumer health, disease prevention and control, personal health, growth and wellness, mental health, nutrition, and family life education.




    I.             Your Health and Wellness

    A.      Ch. 1 Personal Wellness

    B.      Ch. 2 Self Esteem

    II.         Medicines and drugs

                A.  Tobacco–Chapter 24

    III.         Family and Social Health

    A.     Building Healthy Relationships- Chapter 11

    B.       Resolving Conflict and Preventing Violence– Chapter 14

    IV.                 Nutrition

    A.      Nutrition and Your Health- Chapter 5

    V.                 Mental and Emotional Health

    A.      Managing Stress in Your Life-Chapter 9

    VI.                   Injury Prevention and Safety

    A.      Providing First Aid and Handling Emergencies-Chapter 35

    VII.         Family Life/RELATE/: Piedmont Community Services and For the Children



    I.                     Physical Fitness Testing

    A.      Mile Run

    B.       Modified Pull-ups

    C.       Sit and Reach

    D.      Curl ups

    II.                   Aerobic and Physical Conditioning

    A.      Walking for life (pedometers)

    B.       Stability Ball Training

    C.       Resistant Tube Training

    D.      DVD/Videos

    1.        Tae-Bo

    2.        Pilates

    3.        Yoga



    III.                 Lifetime Activities

    1.        Bowling

    2.        Badminton

    3.        Archery

    IV.                 Sports

    A.      Soccer

    B.       Basketball

    C.       Volleyball

    D.      Tennis

    E.       Softball




    **Subjects are scheduled to possibly change due to weather, testing, and other various activities that may influence our schedule

    1st 6 Weeks

    2nd 6 Weeks

    3rd 6 Weeks

    Health-Day 1 and 2 Getting to know you Activities, rules, etc.

    Health- Chapter 11 Building Healthy Relationships

    Health-  Ch. 9 Managing Stress in Your Life

    P.E. Physical Fitness Testing, Fitness Activities

    P.E. Stability Balls/Resistance Bands

    P.E. Fitness/ Badminton/Archery

    Health-Chapters 1 Personal Wellness

    Health-Chapter 14 Resolving Conflict and Preventing Violence

    Health-Chapter 24 Tobacco

    P.E. Fitness, Bowling, Tennis

    P.E. Pedometers/Soccer



    Health-Chapter Ch. 2 Self Esteem

    Health-Chapter 5 Nutrition

    Health Chapter 35 Providing First Aid and Handling Emergencies

    P.E. Fitness, Tennis

    P.E. Pedometers/ Fitness DVD’s

    P.E. Physical Fitness Testing




    Grades will be based on students’ performance on quizzes, tests, class assignments, partner activities, group work, class discussions, debates, projects, contents of notebook and exams. Students must bring supplies on a daily basis. 


    Grades in physical education will be based on students’ participation in all activities, dressing out, effort and attitude as well as fitness testing. Students must dress out in shorts or sweat pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts, and tennis shoes. Students not dressing out will receive a zero for their daily grade. In order to be excused from physical education, students must have a doctor’s excuse or a detailed note from a parent explaining why you are not able to participate. You are only allowed one parent’s note per quarter.

    At the end of each grading period, PE and Health grades will be averaged together.



    1.        Students must be in assigned seat when bell rings or they will be considered tardy. 

    2.        Students must be prepared for class with pencil or pen, book, and notebook.

    3.        Students must participate in all class activities (individual, partner, and group).

    4.        Students who miss work in Health class will have three days to make up work. Failure to do so will result in loss of credit. It is the students’ responsibility to acquire any make up work.

    5.        Disruptive students will not be tolerated.

    6.        No horseplay in class

    7.        Students must follow all rules in Bassett High School Handbook.



    1.        Students must be in locker room when the tardy bell rings. Students should remain in the locker room until dismissed to the gym by a teacher.

    2.        All students must dress in PE locker rooms. No students will be allowed in any team locker room.

    3.       Everyone will be offered a lock.   Please lock your valuables in baskets or lockers at all times. Bassett High School is not responsible for items lost or stolen.

    4.        Book bags are not allowed in the gym.

    5.        Students will have 6 minutes after the tardy bell to be seated in their exercise line. Failure to be in your spot   will result in a tardy.

    6.        Students should sit in assigned area when they enter the gym

    7.        Those students not dressing out will have an assigned area to sit/stand. These students are not allowed to leave the gym for any reason.

    8.        Do not leave the gym, fields, courts or assigned area without permission.

    9.        Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed in the gym, locker room, or hallway.

    10.     Students must stay in designated areas. If a student is found outside of a designated area, he/she will be considered out of assigned area and be given a discipline referral. Please remain behind the white line at the gym doors when it is time to be dismissed. Crossing the white line will be considered out of assigned area and will result in a referral.


    If your child has a medical problem, please state the condition and type of medical treatment.

    Condition_________________________Medical Treatment__________________________

    Condition_________________________Medical Treatment__________________________

    Emergency Phone Numbers: ___________________________________________________

    Contact Person in case of an emergency__________________________________________


    I understand and agree to follow the above rules and procedures in both health and physical education. If I have any problems or concerns, I can contact my teacher at BHS between the hours of 8:00-3:30 pm- 629-1731.

    Student’s Signature_______________________________________


    Parent’s Signature______________________________________