• New April assigments/tasks were included in your recent pick up belongings. Please follow the instructions and complete the assignments. Notify me via email once completed. Spring break will still be acknowledged April 6th-13th and no assignments will be due during this time. You may contact me at lrosenbe@henry.k12.va.us. If you need an additional assignments list for your child, you may contact Mrs. Scott at the school. Continue to stay safe! 

    Just as children engage in active learning throughout HighScope’s daily routine, they can do the same at home with you when you incorporate learning into different parts of the day .

    • Engage your child in early math experiences by having him or her help you match socks when you take the laundry out of the dryer.
    • Name or count various items around the house.
    • Foster early literacy experiences by looking in magazines and books for letters of the alphabet or letters in their names.
    • Name colors on packages or on the clothes they are wearing.
    • Remember to use transitions between activities as opportunities for learning. If children are playing in the living room and it’s time to clean up before the evening meal, you might suggest children choose a fun way to move as they put toys away — for example, move like an animal, dance, jump, skip, tiptoe. Or, you might sing a song together as you transition to the next activity.
    • Let your child help you prepare meals, set the table, and even wash dishes after the meal.
    • Read books together.
    • Have your child practice writing his/her name in shaving cream, in the bathtub, on steamed mirrors, etc.  
    • Make cards for family members. 
    • Have fun together!


    Websites that are helpful and fun for preschoolers:



    ABCmouse.com/redeem (use code:SCHOOL 2568)