• Please review the following daily with your student:


    • Sight words
    • Counting 0-100
    • Count by 10's to 100
    • Count backwards from 10-0
    • Days of the week
    • Months of the year
    • Letter identification
    • Letter Sounds
    • Writing number 0-20
    • Comprehension- ask questions after reading a book together. (setting, main character, parts of a book, problem, solution, main idea, supporting details)


    The following are skills that should be reviewed using the packet that was sent home:

     First Two weeks:

    • Sight words
    • Rhyming
    • Beginning/Middle/Ending Sounds
    • Practice writing letters (upper and lowercase)
    • Practice writing a story- use bubble people and labeling
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Graphing
    • Counting objects and writing the corresponding number.
    • Coin identification and values
    • Calendar skills


    Final Five Week Packet:

    The five week package should be completed one week at a time to provide skill practice and learning throughout the final weeks of the school year. Please follow the weekly schedule. Assignments are due Friday of each week. Students will receive a pass/fail grade for the assignments turned in. 

    Skills covered:

    • Phonics
    • Reading comprehension
    • Rhyming
    • Counting
    • Graphing
    • Addition (review)
    • Subtraction (review using counters, learn using number line)
    • Coin values
    • Maps/Globes
    • Plant parts/needs
    • Animal Needs


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on class dojo or by email (pquinnan@henry.k12.va.us) 

    Please complete packets with your child and send pictures of each assignment to me by email or on Class Dojo. You may pick up extra packets at Rich Acres Elementary if necessary. 

    Thank you all for patience and understanding during this time. I miss all the children terribly!! Please give them a hug for me and let them know that I love and miss them. I will be doing at least one google meeting with the class each week to enable students to socialize with their classmates and ask any questions about their packet. Google Meeting Links will be posted on class Dojo. (If you are not connected, please contact me to let me know a way I can send you the link.)