• New ways

    Posted by MYRA TRENT on 4/27/2020 11:00:00 AM

    Hey everybody

    Teaching online would be easier if we all had the proper equipment and amazing internet service.  I have learned a lot through this experience though and I hope others are as well.  A few things that I have learned is that I like to be with other people.   I can now have video chats through Google Chat, through Facebook messanger, or through my email.  I started using ClassTag and love it.  I have set up three video chats where I was able to see and speak with 6 of my students and their families.  I hope that soon I will be able to connect with all of them.  I have a mask to wear when I go to town.  I will be glad when I can travel and visit with people face to face.  


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  • New things happening

    Posted by MYRA TRENT on 3/24/2020

    I went to Carver today and the halls seemed to echo.  I didn't know how lonely it would seem.  Luckily my daughter went with me.  She was someone to talk to and help gather some of my teaching materials.  I am not sure how everything is going to unfold, but I definitely am learning new things.   If you have any questions know that I am only an email away.  Starting next week I am going to be online along with the other second grade teachers holding virtual office hours.  This is another way we are trying to help our students complete this school year.


    I will keep you posted

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  • Questions

    Posted by MYRA TRENT on 3/23/2020

    I am monitoring my email account.  If you or your student has any questions about the assignments or how to navigate onto the classlink account, please contact me.  If I don't know I will contact someone who can help us.  


    I also wanted to let you know that your student can go onto the raz kids website for reading and mobymax website for reading or math skills.  


    Thanks for all the hard work you all are doing.  


    Myra Trent

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  • Two Week Break

    Posted by MYRA TRENT on 3/18/2020

    Hey parents and families,  

    I am trying something new.  I am trying to step into a new form of communication.  On Thursday, I sent home a ten day packet of work for students to work on while schools are closed.  It has 3 sheets for your child to work on each day.  There is a reading comprehension sheet, a language arts sheet and a math sheet.  All skills are a review.  If your family is interested, your child can also log onto their classlink account.  On the classlink account they can access iRead and ixl.  They also have a Mobymax account they can work on math and language arts skills.  Please email me, if I can help you with the work that was sent home.  

     I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.


    Myra Trent

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