Virtual Band - The Band Aid we need while we are out of school!

Virtual Band-The Band Aid you need while we are out of school!

  • 1.  Download your part from the box below or find on SmartMusic.
    2.  Record yourself playing your part playing with the track below.  You will need to use headphones/earbuds when you play with the track. Use a solid light colored background.  Wear dark colored clothing and have plenty of light. When you are finished with your performance please hold still in playing position for 3 seconds.
    3. Submit your video using the link below(preferable) or email/share through google drive to

    We are hoping to combine with Martinsville HS and others to put together a performance of "Darklands March" by Randall Standridge.


    SOUND FILE/CONDUCTOR VIDEO (Play along with this)


    Magna Vista Folks -- This will count as 3 of your 5 assignments for this grading period.