• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I hope this letter finds you all well and healthy. This letter will give you more information regarding what the rest of the school year will look like. Along with the attached plans, there will be skills highlighted on IXL that they can use for extra practice. The skills are recommended but not required. I will also be hosting two Google Meets a week. During the Google Meet, we will be going over the skills in the green math coach book and this will also serve as a time where your child can ask questions. I will be in contact with you each week to communicate the days and times of the Google Meet.

    The following plan has recommended dates for completing the work. Your child will not be penalized for not having the work completed at those dates, but it will give you both some guidance so they are not overwhelmed with assignments. In the bag that you picked up Thursday along with your child’s supplies you will find a variety of learning materials. The most important workbook is the green math coach book. The other workbooks and composition books will not be used as a part of the plans that you are receiving today. All of the other workbooks can be used at your own discretion. All work must be completed and turned in by May 15th. Students must complete the assignments listed on the right side of the plans for us to justify their promotion to 4th grade.

    At the bottom of this letter, you will find directions for how students will turn in their assignments on Class Kick and CommonLit. I know this is a stressful time for everyone. I understand many of you are still working or have multiple children in your home. I want to be as flexible as possible in order to ensure your child’s success for the next school year. Please let me know how I can assist you in continuing your child’s education.


    The Third Grade Teachers

    Class Kick and CommonLit Directions 

    I am going to be using two new resources that will allow students to turn in their work online instead of in person. The first resource is Classkick. In order to see each assignment you will need to enter the class code for that specific assignment. The steps are listed below.

    Step 1: Go to Classkick.com

    Step 2: Click the Log In tab at the top right corner and select STUDENT

    Step 3: Enter the class code for that assignment

    Step 4: Enter your first name

    Step 5: Complete the assignment (Your work will save automatically)

    The second resource is CommonLit. This website will give students passages and questions that are on grade level. In order to view the assignment, you will need to complete these steps below. 

    Step 1: Go to www.commonlit.org/en/enroll

    Step 2: Under enter class code enter KZ8KGN

    Step 3: Set up your account. Type in your first and last name, email (optional), and password.

    Step 4: Write down your email and password that you used. I suggest something simple that you can easily remember as a password (for example your lunch number)

    Step 5: Your assignments are listed under “Assignments To Do”.

    Step 6: Click on the passage that is assigned for the day.

    Important: Each passage will have questions throughout that have to be answered correctly in order to read the rest of the passage. Once students answer the questions correctly, the rest of the passage will appear. After reading the entire passage, there will be more in depth comprehension questions. Students must complete the comprehension questions and submit the assignment when finished.

    Rich Acres Elementary School

    3rd Grade

    April 14th - May 15th Extended Absence Work Plan

    Please take note that there will be a project (Cornerstone Task) due on April 29th. The criteria and some notes for the project are attached.

    Suggested Resources to help complete the assignments


    Day 1

    • Science- Read Simple Machine Notes attached to this paper

    Day 2

    • Review “Lever” section of notes

    Day 3

    • Review “Inclined Plane” section of notes

    Day 4

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 1 Review Complete pg. 47- 50

    Class Code for Class Kick: AIN 3W8

    • Review  “Wedge” notes

    Day 5

    • Math Coach Book- Add Whole Numbers
      • Read pg. 52-59
      • Practice pg. 61-62
    • Math Coach Book- Subtract Whole Numbers
      • Read pg. 63- 67
      • Practice pg. 68-69

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “No Plans? No Problem!” with guided reading questions.
    • Review “Wheel and Axle” notes

    Day 6

    • Review “Screw” notes

    Day 7

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “After the Rain” and guided reading questions.
    • Review “Pulley” notes

    Day 8

    • Math Coach Book - Division Word Problems
      • Read pg. 101-102
      • Practice pg. 103-104

    • Begin (if you haven’t already) thinking about what you are going to create for your Simple Machine project.

    Day 9

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 2 Review Complete pg. 117-120

    Class Code for Class Kick: P25 3VO

    • Science- work on Simple Machines Cornerstone

    Day 10

    • Reading- CommonLit Passage “Rock Secrets” and guided reading questions.
    • Science- Work on Simple Machines Cornerstone Task

    Day 11

    • Science- work on Simple Machines Cornerstone Task- Due tomorrow

    Day 12

    • Practice pg. 153-154

    • Reading- CommonLit Passage “Excerpt from Inuit” and guided reading questions.
    • Science- Simple Machine Project Due

    Day 13

    • Social Studies- IXL 2nd Grade Social Studies C.1 Purpose of Government 

    Day 14

    • Practice pg. 166-167

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 3 Review pg. 168-172

    Class Code for Class Kick: 5VL TRS

    • Social Studies- IXL 3rd Grade Social Studies A.3 Cardinal Directions

    Day 15

    • Reading- CommonLit Passage “The Mysterious Egg” with guided reading questions
    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade- A. 4 Oceans and Continents

    Day 16

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 4 Review pg. 190- 194

    Class Code for Class Kick: DLZ COS

    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade H.1 Economics

    Day 17

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “Obento: Art in a Lunch Box” with guided reading questions
    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade H.2 Natural Resources

    Day 18

    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade H.3 Goods and Services

    Day 19

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 5 Review Complete pg. 213-216

    Class Code for Class Kick: 599 2Q4

    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade H.4 Producers and Consumers

    Day 20

    • Math Coach Book - Patterns
      • Read pg. 218-221
      • Practice pg. 223-224

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “Making Books in Braille” with guided reading questions
    • Social Studies- IXL- 3rd Grade I.1 Supply and Demand

    Day 21

    • Math Coach Book - Equivalent Mathematical Relationships
      • Read pg. 225-227
      • Practice pg. 228-229

    • Social Studies-IXL- 3rd Grade J.1 Facts and Opinions

    Day 22

    • Math Coach Book - Chapter 6 Review Complete pg. 230-233

    Class Code for Class Kick: KLP DLW

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “What a Pro Knows: Playing to Win” with guided reading questions

    Day 23

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “Reading to Max” with guided reading questions

    Day 24

    • Reading- CommonLit passage “Zebra and Wasp” with guided reading questions


    Suggested dates for turning work in- this timeline should keep students from getting overwhelmed with work.

    Days 1- 4 by Saturday evening, April 18th

    Days 5- 9 will be due by Saturday evening, April 25th

    Days 10- 14 will be due by Saturday evening, May 2nd

    Days 15- 19 will be due by Saturday evening, May 9th

    Days 20- 24 will be due by Saturday evening, May 16th


    All assignments must be completed in order to justify promotion.

    YAY! You did it! All done! Happy Summer!

    Simple Machine Notes

    • Simple machines are tools that make work easier.
      • Lifting a heavy weight
      • Moving a heavy object over a distance
      • Pushing things apart
      • Changing the direction of a force
      • Holding an object together
      • Tasks they make easier include
    • There are six simple machines
      • Lever
      • Inclined plane
      • Wedge
      • Wheel and axle
      • Screw
      • Pulley
    • Lever
      • Seesaw
      • Crowbar
      • Shovel
      • A lever is a still bar that moves about a fixed point (fulcrum).
      • Used to: push, pull, or lift things
      • Examples
    • Inclined Plane
      • Ramp
      • An inclined plane is a flat surface that is raised so one end is highter thatn the other
      • Used to: move heavy objects up or down
      • Examples
    • Wedge
      • Knife
      • Ax
      • A wedge is wide at one end and pointed
      • Used to: help cut or split objects
      • Examples:
    • Wheel and Axle
      • Bicycle wheels
      • Roller skates
      • Door knob
      • A wheel and axle consists of a rod attached to a wheel.
      • Used to: make it easier to move or turn things
      • Examples
    • Screw
      • Jar lid
      • Wood screw
      • A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder or cone.
      • Used to: hold objects together
      • Examples
    • Pulley
      • Flagpole
      • A pulley is a wheel that has a rope wrapped around it.
      • Used to: lift heavy objects by changing the direction or amount of force
      • Examples
    • Compound machine is a combination of two or more simple machines.
      • scissors
      • Wheelbarrow
      • bicycle
      • Examples