Course Syllabus

    Early Childhood Education


    Instructor:  Donna King,


     Contact Information for Instructor:    Bassett High School                                                          




    Course Credit: 1                   Course : First Block                                                               


    Course Description:  This course is a study of child care and educational competencies that focus on the principals of child growth and development; development of self-concepts and building of self esteem; learning experiences for children; principals of guiding children; healthy and safe environments; and careers related to child care.


    Terminal Objectives:

    1. Analyze career paths within early childhood education and services.
    2. Analyze developmentally appropriate practices to plan for early childhood education and services.
    3. Demonstrate integration of curriculum and instruction to meet children’s

    developmental needs and interests.

    1. Demonstrate a safe and healthy learning environment for children.
    2. Demonstrate techniques for positive collaborative relationships with children.
    3. Demonstrate professional practices and standards related to working

    with young children.


    Course Materials:  Working with Young Children


    Course Outline:  The course will be taught in a sequence of units.


    Grading, Student Records, and Homework:  Student progress is assessed during each grading period of the course.  Methods of demonstration, modeling, teamwork, hands-on activities, projects, presentations, tests, participation, and self-evaluation will be used for assessment.


    The internship will be assessed through journal entries, teacher evaluations, and other evidence of activities performed during the period of the internship.


    Student Records:  A record of each student’s grades on all work will be maintained.


    Homework Policy:  Students are expected to finish required daily work and reading assignments for homework if the work is not completed in class. There will be a 2 point deduction per class period for any assignment not turned in on the assigned  due date.


    Make-up Policy:  Any test or assignment missed due to absence is due on the day the student returns to class.  Any class work missed is due three days after the absence.  There will be a two-(2) point deduction per class time for all overdue work.


    Communication:  Parents can contact the teacher at Bassett High School.


    Instructional Activities: Each student will present 4 stories to the class. These books will include:  your choice, a Caldecott Medal Winner, a book that teaches a lesson and a book using a prop. You will also choose a child’s song to teach to the class and will design a bulletin board for the classroom.

    Non-instructional Activities:  Each student must have their parent or guardian sign a permission form for travel.


    Materials Needed:  Two inch-three–ring binder, paper, divider tabs, writing utensils

    Other materials may be requested for special projects.


    Class Procedures and Class/School Rules:  The student is expected to follow the rules and expectations of the district and school as set forth in the Henry County Code of Conduct.  Specific rules of conduct and dress will be developed for the period of the internship.