• Student Syllabus


    Course Title: Introduction to Culinary Arts


    Course Objective: Students enrolled in Introduction to Culinary Arts focus on identifying and exploring the individual careers within the food service industry.  Units of study will include food nutrition, food and beverage production, safety and sanitation and job opportunities within the food industry.


    Teacher: Mrs. Donna King


    School Phone: 629-1731


    Textbook: Culinary Essentials by Johnson and Wales University


    Teacher Planning Time: 4th Block


    Topics to be covered during the term include:

                            Chapter 7-Safety and Sanitation Principles

                            Chapter 13--Using Recipes

                            Chapter 29--Quick Breads

                            Chapter 10 Knives and Smallwares


                            Chapter 28-Yeast Breads and Rolls

                            Chapter 3-Customer Service

                            Chapter 4-The Dining Experience

                            Chapter 27-Baking Techniques


                            Chapter 30-Desserts

                            Chapter 1-Foodservice Career Opportunities

                            Chapter 2-Becoming a Culinary Professional
                            Chapter 6-Standards, Regulations and Laws



    Assessment:  Tests count 2 grades

                            Daily Work (worksheets, notebook, lab assignment and

    quizzes) count 1 grade

    Class Discussions count 1 grade

    Projects count 2 grades



    Citizenship:  The following will lower a student’s grade in citizenship: Tardiness, Disrupting the class, Abusing Equipment, or SLEEPING.


    Classroom Procedures and Policies      

    To ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to learn all that he or she wishes, the following rules will be enforced.


    1.      Students are expected to bring all materials to class every day.  That includes book. Notebook, pens and pencils.  Please use black or blue ink only.        

    2.      Each student is expected to enter the classroom and be seated before the tardy bell rings.  .

    3.      Check for make-up work on the classroom calendar immediately upon return from absences.  It is your responsibility to complete your missed assignments.

    4.      Students are to respect the rights and property of others, this includes school property.

    5.      Please do not ask to leave the room unless it is an emergency.

    6.      Eating is not permitted in the classroom unless in conjunction with a lab assignment.  Other times it will be the teacher’s discretion.

    7.      Students are to observe all safety rules and use caution in an effort to make the class safe for everyone.

    8.      Do not use the classroom for grooming practices.  Please keep makeup, hairspray and perfumes in your purse or bookbag. 

    9.      Please do not sit or write on the tables.

    10.Remember to be courteous, have a good attitude, be respectful and gave some fun in this class!!!!!!