• Nutrition & Wellness Syllabus




    Course Objective: Students enrolled in Nutrition and Wellness focus on making choices that promote wellness and good health; analyzing relationships between psychological and social needs and food choices; choosing foods that promote wellness; obtaining and storing food for self and family; preparing and serving nutritious meals and snacks; selecting and using equipment for food preparation; and identifying strategies to promote optimal nutrition and wellness of society.


    Teacher: Ms. F. Claybrooks

    School Phone:  276-629-1731



    Students will be graded upon tests, quizzes, daily work, notebook, projects, participation and citizenship.


    Areas of Study:


    Food Habits: A Lifestyle Choice

    Making Wellness a Lifestyle

    Factors Affecting Food Choices

    Nutrition Guidelines


    Nutrition Management: A Lifelong Activity

    Nutrition for All Ages

    Healthy Weight Management

    Eating Disorders


    Making Informed Choices

    Keeping Food Safe

    Meal Management

    Making Wise Consumer Choices

    Nutrition and Health: A Global Concern

    A Career for You in Nutrition and Fitness