• Introduction to Culinary Arts Syllabus


    Course Objective:   Students enrolled in Introduction to Culinary Arts focus on identifying and exploring the individual careers within the food service industry.  Units of study will include nutrition, food/beverage production, safety, sanitation, and job opportunities within the food industry. 


    Teacher:  Ms. Felita Claybrooks


    School Telephone:  276-629-1731


    Textbook:  Culinary Essentials by Johnson and Wales University


    Topics to be covered during the term include:


                Using Standard Recipes

                Equipment and Technology

                Knives and Small wares

                Safety and Sanitation Principles

                HACCP Applications

                The Dining Experience

                Baking Techniques

                Quick Breads

                Yeast Breads and Rolls


                Foodservice Career Opportunities

                Becoming a Culinary Professional

    Standards, Regulations and Laws


    Assessment:    Tests

     Daily assignments/participation


    Lab participation/assignments

    Class discussions and projects


    Citizenship will be based on the student’s ability to abide by school and class rules.


    Henry County/Virginia State Competenticies for Intro. to Culinary Arts can be found at http://www.cteresource.org/verso