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    Math 8  2021-2022


    Ms. Montgomery

    Room 9


    Contact Information:

    Email: smontgomery@henry.k12.va.us

    School Telephone: 276-647-3841


    *Note: All communication should be done through canvas, zoom, or phone. If contact is made after 3:30, expect a response the following business day.


    Class Concepts:

    The eighth grade standards are intended to serve two purposes. First, the standards contain content that reviews or extends concepts and skills learned in previous grades. Second, they contain new content that prepares students for more abstract concepts and skills necessary for success in Algebra 1.

    Expectations for student success:

    • I expect my students to be responsible and employ good time management
    • Make sure that if you do not understand you communicate that with me.  You can contact me through canvas or log in to a zoom meeting to ask questions
    • Students are expected to be respectful of the teacher, the other students in the class, and of themselves. Even though we are virtual, disruptive behavior is not tolerated.
    • All work is expected to be neat and turned in on time
    • Not all work that is assigned will be graded, but is expected to be completed! Every assignment is for your learning with or without a grade.
    • Be respectful of my time and I will be respectful of yours.


    • Students will be using Canvas this year for coursework
    • They can access Canvas through their Ipads
    • All coursework will be updated on Canvas daily
    • All assignments will be submitted through Canvas
    • Students can communicate with teachers through Canvas email
    • Students are encouraged when they have a problem with an assignment or grade to email the teacher, do not use the comment box on the assignment for teacher communication

    Grading Policy:

    Everything grades is on a point system. To find the percentage grade divide the points earned by the total points. Then multiply by 100.

    Accuracy Assignments (counted for correctness): Counted 2 times

    Assessments (quizzes/tests): Counted 3 times

    Practice Assignments (counted for practice): Counted 1 time

    You will have at least 1 classwork assignment graded a week.

    Virtual Learning Standards (if needed):

    • Be respectful of my time, do not waste it!
    • Come with your questions
    • Please dress and act appropriately 
    • Please have your microphone turned off. If you have a question either use the raise your hand feature or type in the chat box

    Zoom meetings will be shared in canvas (if ever needed).

    School Supplies:

    All that will be required this year is a bookbag, your ipad, and a writing utensil. Any other supplies will be provided.

    Extra Credit:

    You are able to receive extra credit on every IXL taken for a grade.  I will assign you a smart score, if you go above the smart score that will count as extra points.  This is the ONLY extra credit that will be offered throughout the year so do not waste it!

    Due Dates:

    I have chosen to continue to collect my work on Monday of each week. All work will be due by 8:00am the following Monday for the previous week as we did last year. 

    Late Work:

    Since work will be completed in Canvas, late work will be accepted throughout the semester. However, late work will not be accepted after the deadline for the semester. This means that work from the first semester will not be accepted during the second semester. 


    If you are absent a day, the work is already loaded into canvas. For notes, if you email me I will send you a video of the notes that were taught that day so you can follow along on your own time. 


    Grade contact will be made at interim time and report card time for students who have an average of a D or F in math.  It is important that parents and students pay close attention to their grades.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about grades at any time.

    Grades are accessible through Canvas at all times. 

    Some grades will automatically update, and some grades will need to be entered by the teacher. Please be patient when the teacher is grading.

    If an assignment is not completed by the due date, a 0 will be put in it's place as a placeholder. This does not mean that the student cannot complete the assignment late, but it does give an accurate representation of the students current grade if the work is not completed.