• 8th Grade Percussion Class (Symphonic Band)


    Course Syllabus 2021-22


    Mr. Scott Allred, Instructor

    E-mail: sallred@henry.k12.va.us

    Office Phone: 276-647-3841


    Class Schedule


    Tuesday / Thursday (alternating Fridays) - 1:40 - 3:15


    Course Description


    This course is designed for enhanced individual instruction in percussion performance.  Students will cover technical skill sets across the percussion spectrum – snare drum, mallets, timpani, and accessory instruments.





    Symphonic Band (8th Grade) is for students with at least two years of instrumental training (exceptions must be pre-approved). 



    Required Texts, Materials and Resources


    Habits of a Successful Musician by Scott Rush

    1”-1 ½” 3 ring binder (25 sheets of college ruled paper)

    10 plastic page protectors for written assignments and handouts

    #2 pencil

    Student I-Pad for recording video, completing written assignments, and accessing internet resources

    Internet Connection



    Instrument-Specific Needs


    1 pair Vic Firth SD1 or SD2 drum sticks

    2 pair Mike Balter (or equivalent) medium yarn or cord mallets (birch handles)

    1 pair Vic Firth General timpani mallets

    1 pair hard plastic Xylophone mallets

    1 stick bag to carry these implements.


    Contact Mr. Allred if you have issues obtaining these materials.



    Vendors for Instrument Rental or Purchase* / Music Supplies



    JRS Music – Collinsville – (276) 647-1973 (instrument rentals, supplies)

    Star City Music – Salem / Roanoke – 540-772-7722 or starcitymusic.com (instrument rentals, supplies)


    On the Web

    Woodwind and Brasswind – wwbw.com (books, reeds, etc)

    Lonestar Percussion – lonestarpercussion.com (sticks, mallets, percussion kits, etc.)


    *Please consult Mr. Allred before renting or purchasing from an unlisted vendor.



    Instructional Delivery


    At the outset, all instruction will be in-person, with the possibility of virtual instruction at the discretion of the Henry County School Board.  Instrument assignments will be finalized during the first 2 weeks of the 1st grading period.


    Student Expectations (in-person) - please see the BAND HANDBOOK for details


    Student Expectations (virtual)

    1. Check in to my zoom link or submit assignments at least twice per week.
    2. For check-ins, keep your camera on and your volume on mute so that everyone can hear.
    3. Only video recordings will be acceptable for performance assessments. No audio recordings, please.
    4. If you need help or feel overwhelmed – COMMUNICATE. I am here for you and want you to succeed.


    Grading Policy

    Letter grades are bases off of the 10-point scale.  Daily Participation (active engagement with all required materials), Practice Records, Tests, Quizzes, and Performances are included in the grade.  See the Band Handbook for detailed weighting / criteria.

    Grading Scale:

         90 - 100 = A

         80 - 89 = B

         70 - 79 = C

         60 - 69 = D

        59 & Below = F


    Grading Policy - Virtual Learning


    Assignments will be posted each Monday morning to Canvas and must be submitted by Friday (or as determined by district policy).  Late assignments will receive a grade of “0”.  Please communicate if you have issues submitting assignments.


    Attendance Policy - Virtual Learning


    Students are required to “check-in” (log on to my Zoom link) or submit assignments at least twice per week to be counted “Present”.  Anything less will be counted recorded as “Absent”.