• We The People

    United States/Virginia Government and English 12

    Bengal Tech Academy, Room 106,  12th Grade


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    Course Description

    In the integrated Bengal Tech English 12/U.S. Government class, learning is contextual, creative, and collaborative because project-based learning (PBL) is at the center of the instructional approach.  Students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication in order to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems rooted in both English and government.


    The focus of this course is on the major themes, events, and ideas that shaped the history of the United States. Students probe, in depth, the dynamics of American political and diplomatic decision-making, national and sectional interests, and a variety of personalities and social movements related to the development of the United States. Distinguishing characteristics of cultures are examined through literature, art, architecture, music, religion, philosophy and geography. Students will be required to write thoughtful and factually supported papers on historical topics.

    The twelfth-grade English student will use organizational skills, audience awareness, appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and both verbal and non-verbal presentation skills to plan and deliver an effective oral presentation.  Writing will include the production of technical and expository papers, which are organized logically and contain clear and accurate ideas. The student also will produce a well-documented major research paper during the course of the class.  

    Each student will be required to participate with the class in a Capstone Project in order to be a Bengal Tech Academy Graduate.  

    Bassett Tech Academy Description

    Bassett Tech Academy (BTA) offers traditional courses in a project based learning environment where learning is student-driven, engaging, and meets the needs of a wide variety of academic abilities.  Students work in collaborative teams to solve timely and complex problems that often encourage their success as responsible, globally-conscious citizens. All students are taught, evaluated, and assessed on five learning outcomes in every project in every class.

    • Agency: The ability to grow one’s own intelligence and skill through effort, practice, and challenge and the ability to learn how to learn and monitor progress to be successful on tasks, school, and life.
    • Collaboration: The ability to be a productive member of diverse teams through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success, leadership, and initiative.
    • Knowledge & Thinking: The ability to reason, problem solve, develop sound arguments or decisions, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.
    • Oral Communication: The ability to communicate knowledge and thinking through effective oral presentations.
    • Written Communication: The ability to effectively communicate knowledge and thinking through writing by organizing and structuring ideas and using discipline appropriate language and convention.

    Bengal Tech Grading System

    Agency = 10%

    Collaboration = 10%

    Knowledge & Thinking = 50%

    Oral Communication = 15%

    Written Communication = 15 %

    HCPS Grading Scale

    Letter Grade

    Number Range


    100- 97


    96- 93


    92- 90


    89- 87


    86- 83


    82- 80


    79- 77


    76- 73


    72 -70




    67- 66


    65- 60


    59- below

    TRR:  BT students are immersed in an environment of TRR (trust, respect, and responsibility) as part of a commitment to the tech academy culture of empowerment.


    Technology:  BTA is a 1:1 school, and each student uses a Macbook to complete course work.  Macbooks should be charged-ready-to-use for each class.  Please, bring charging devices daily as a back-up.


    Canvas LMS 

    This course will utilize Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).  Students will use this platform to access instruction, assignments, grades, and some assessments.  Assignments should be submitted through Canvas LMS and should not be emailed to facilitators unless there is an extenuating circumstance. If Canvas LMS cannot be accessed, the student should screenshot the issue and send it along with the assignment they were trying to turn in via email to facilitators.  If an email including the screenshot and assignment is not submitted by the assignment’s due date, the assignment will be considered late. In this case the student is still responsible for submitting the assignment via the required format as soon as access is available. 


    Contacting Facilitators 

    Please contact us through email for general communication with an expected response within 24 hours.  If a response is not given in 24 hours, please email again.   If an email is sent on a weekend or holiday period, a response can be expected after the return to school.  If a meeting is needed, please contact the Bassett office at the above number.  Meetings must be scheduled before or after school or during first and second block planning.  


    Email Etiquette

    Emails sent to facilitators about a new topic need to be in a new email, not a forward or reply from a previous email.  Please, include a subject that states the topic of the email.  The email must include a greeting to the facilitator and a signature of the student.  If emails do not meet the etiquette stated in the syllabus, the student will be asked to resend the email in the proper formatting.   


    Required Materials

    Students are required to have and bring to class daily a pen/pencil, paper, charged laptop and charger.  Please, make sure you have any supplies you feel you need to be successful in Bengal Tech.  

    Class Participation

    All students are expected to participate fully in class meeting all expectations for behavior and engagement.  Bengal Tech is built on the principles of trust, respect, and responsibility, and students are expected to exhibit those principles at all times. Student actions should align with TRR, and if they do not, we will handle them in class until we cannot. 


    Policies and Procedures

    All Henry County Public Schools and Bassett High School policies regarding tardiness, dress code, absences, acceptable technology use, etc., will be followed.  If there are any questions about these policies, please refer to both the HCPS Code of Conduct and BHS Student Handbook. 


    Daily Procedure

    Unless otherwise instructed, students are expected to be in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings.  Macbooks should be out within the first minute of class and students should access Canvas LMS to access their daily classwork agenda, which will often include a bell ringer.  


    Students should follow class norms throughout class and in BT Areas and learning environments on/off/around campus.  Norms: TRR (Trust, Respect, Responsibility), Share the Air, Honor the Time, Respect the Space, and Results, not Excuses. 


    We often have guests-- BT students should be on their best behavior when guests are present.  


    BT students are expected to work from bell to bell.  This means students should refrain from putting their items away any earlier than 30 seconds before time for the bell.  AS ALWAYS:  The facilitators dismiss class, not the bell. Thank you in advance for cleaning up after yourselves.  


    Virtual Daily Procedure

    Students are expected to log into Canvas LMS daily.  Students who cannot meet this expectation need to communicate with facilitators regarding the issues preventing daily login.  


    Virtual Class Meetings

    Students are expected to either attend virtual class meetings or view the recorded class meetings.  Students should adhere to BHS Virtual Learning Expectations:  mute microphone, turn on camera, be dressed appropriately, listen attentively, use respectful language, participate (unmute microphone when appropriate), keep chats on topic. 


    Cell Phone Policy

    Because BT students have Macbooks, cell phones should be off and stored away during class unless otherwise instructed by facilitators.  Facilitators’ will address those students not adhering to this policy. 

    Food & Drink Policy

    BHS policy regarding food and drink will be followed.  Under normal conditions, this means no food or drinks other than water or other acceptable beverages in the bottles they were distributed in (with caps). 


    Make-Up Work/ Late Work

    Students are expected to keep up with and meet deadlines for submitting work.  Students are strongly encouraged to communicate with facilitators beforehand regarding potentially late work.  Students are required to approach the facilitators with concerns about missing assignments.  Make-up class work can be completed within an agreed upon timeline at facilitators’ discretion. Point deductions may apply.  


    Cheating and Plagiarism Policy (Academic Dishonesty)

    Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in this classroom.  

    After the first offense, students may have the opportunity to complete an alternative assignment for reduced credit, and the student’s parent or guardian will be contacted.  After the second offense, the student will receive a zero on the assignment, parent or guardian will be contacted again, and a behavior plan will be drafted.  After the third offense, the student will be given a zero and a discipline referral.  


    Senior Capstone Projects 

    Bengal Tech seniors are to complete a Capstone Project by the conclusion of their senior year if at all possible in order to be a graduate of the BTA program.  The Capstone Project will be the final project of the 2020-2021 school year unless conditions prevent the entire class from doing so.   



    Any and all information in this syllabus is subject to change at any time during the year.  For the most up to date information, refer to Canvas LMS Course Card for Mrs. Kenny and Mr. Cotner’s classes for grades, assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, papers, announcements, upcoming events, calendar items, and rubrics.  


    By checking Canvas LMS daily, students will be able to access needed and required information for the course.  Parents may also become observers on Canvas.  


    Please keep in mind that both the students and the facilitators are learning a 3rd learning management system this year.  We anticipate that students will like Canvas LMS, but change is often frustrating for everyone at first.  


    Please, be patient as we navigate this new system.