• Proposed Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

    Spanning Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022
    This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) provides a recommended framework for undertaking major capital improvements over the next five years. The following goals continue to guide planning and prioritization of the CIP.

    1. Provide a safe, healthy, and inviting learning environment for students, staff, parents, and community.
    2. Protect infrastructure and ensure the proper operation of all critical building systems.
    3. Ensure that facilities are energy efficient.
    4. Ensure that facilities are equipped for current instructional and administrative technologies.

    The economic downturn undermined many of the funding assumptions used to develop the plan. All funding sources have depleted to include: decrease in state funding, stimulus funding has expired, and all low interest rate funding opportunities are not being funded. The challenge with this plan is to find the base funding source for these projects.

    Identifying facility needs are based on input from principals and administrators, facilities staff, and consultants. Cornett & Cundiff, Inc. performed a survey of division roofs, estimated costs and determined timelines for replacement of this critical building component. Also, Moseley Architects have completed a full facilities assessment to assist with planning capital needs.

    Today’s construction market is very favorable to owners, with most bid results below pre-recession estimates. Prices will return to former levels as more construction work becomes available and the number of bidders decline. Unfortunately, because of budget reductions, our division is not positioned to take advantage of this opportunity for savings.

    As a caution, estimates should be considered place holders. The best estimates are obtained after preparation of working drawings (bid documents) and the true cost is determined through the competitive bid process.

    The following timelines are hypothetical and predicated on the assumption that the division will increase its Facilities Category over each of the next five fiscal years. The following tables provide a description of projects, status, costs and recommended timelines for each project. In some cases, projects are bundled for similar types of work or because of advantages related to logistics.





    Estimated Cost in $

    Projected Timeline


    New Collinsville Elementary

    Construct new elementary school to combine Collinsville Primary and John Redd Smith Elementary along with Special Education programming from Stanleytown Elementary.



    (Meadow View Elementary opened in 2018)


    Pupil Transportation – new facility

    HCPS has acquired a property for the new Pupil Transportation facility and has received drawings for the site-work to be completed at the new location.



    (Site-work will primarily be accomplished through Operations budget)


    G.W. Carver Elementary Kitchen/ Storage renovation and addition

    Kitchen and storage addition – to replace modular buildings. This is the smallest kitchen in the school division, and it serves one of the largest elementary school populations in the school division.


    2021 (Start)




    Bassett High School HVAC System, Ceiling, and Lighting Replacement

    Replace deteriorated 1978 HVAC system, excluding existing chillers. While chillers at Bassett were replaced in the 1990s and in 2002, air handlers, variable air volume units, and most of the controls are original equipment and are deteriorated from use and age. Project includes adding air conditioning for gymnasium and kitchen.


    2022 (Start)


    Field Houses at Bassett High School and Magna Vista High School

    Both high schools need athletic field houses near the football/soccer fields. This is for the safety of the students participating in the athletic contests.


    2022 (Start)


    Axton Elementary and Rich Acres paving improvements

    Front parking lots need repairs to maintain a safe parking and driving area.



    in 2019


    Axton Elementary – Replace Variable Air Volume boxes and controls

    VAV boxes currently have pneumatic controls and are out of date. These need to be replaced with new Direct Digital Controls boxes for better control of the environment.



    in 2020


    BHS Bathroom Renovations

    Bathrooms need to be upgraded for better handicap accessibility



    in 2019


    Transportation Garage Roof Replacement

    Replace existing roof with new, fully-adhered 60-mil EPDM with tapered average R21 insulation


    Removed from list with purchase of new facility for Transportation


    Renovate the Center for Community Learning

    Renovate by replacing HVAC, lighting, finishes, doors and hardware, windows, toilets, etc. HVAC system and windows are very inefficient. These renovations are recommended with the understanding that the Career Academy will occupy the old Figsboro Elementary School, formerly home of CCL.


    Removed from list


    Renovations at Career Academy have been ongoing


    Bassett High School Roof Replacement

    Existing coating warranty will expire and the roof is due for replacement



    in 2020


    Drewry Mason Elementary covered walkway

    Construct covered walkway for bus and car rider loops. This will help to keep children and staff out of weather during arrival and dismissal times


    Removed from list for equity reasons


    Laurel Park Middle School – Replace HVAC rooftop units and roof replacement

    The normal life expectancy of a rooftop A/C unit is 18 years. In 2020, the rooftop units will be approximately 20 years old and due for replacement. The existing roof will need to be replaced with new EPDM roof in a similar timeframe.


    2022 (Start)


    Sanville Elementary Renovation and Addition

    Construct new classroom additions to replace the 1927 original structure and discontinue the use of mobile units, develop teacher support/resource areas, enlarge library, improve traffic flow and parking, renovate older areas of the building, and enlarge/ renovate the kitchen.


    Beyond 2022


    All secondary schools – Install generators

    Bassett High School, Magna Vista High School, Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School, and Laurel Park Middle School could be used for a community emergency, and these schools currently do not have onsite generators for backup lights or refrigeration online.


    Beyond 2022


    Rich Acres/Sanville/ Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School – Chiller replacement

    The normal life expectancy of air-cooled chillers is 20 years. In 2020, all of the listed chillers will have reached their life expectancy and will be due for replacement.


    Beyond 2022


    Drewry Mason, Campbell Court, and GW Carver Elementary schools – Handicap accessible upgrades


    Installation of elevator lifts for access to multiple levels


    Beyond 2022


    Elevator at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School was added in 2020, so this site has been removed (completed).


    FCMS gymnasium and kitchen air conditioning

    Add A/C systems for the gymnasium and kitchen at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School


    Beyond 2022


    LPM gymnasium air conditioning

    Add A/C system for the gymnasium at Laurel Park Middle School


    Beyond 2022