• The purpose of the Program of Studies is to assist you and your child in making educational decisions that will ensure participating in the appropriate program and graduating time.  The information in this guide is designed to help students and parents with the selection of courses for sixth through eighth grades. The middle school program of studies is a tool for planning successful steps from the middle school into the high school program. One of the goals of Henry County Public Schools is to provide all students with the education necessary for the successful completion of high school.

    Students should study this publication and consult with their parents, school counselors, and teachers in planning their individual program of study.  School counselors can help with planning by analyzing test scores and records of past achievements and by discussing current interests and long-term goals.  School counselors also have up-to-date information available about various training programs, schools, colleges, universities, and employment possibilities. 

    The middle schools of Henry County ensure a child-centered approach to the social development, emotional growth, and the physical well-being of young adolescents. Teachers are trained to recognize and understand each of the developmental stages of the middle school child. Students are provided with educational programs that not only set high expectations but also stimulate intellectual curiosity. The belief is that all students can learnThrough differentiation of instruction, the diversity of learning styles is addressed.

    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School and Laurel Park Middle School both provide quality instruction based on Virginia’s Standards of Learning. Elective and exploratory experiences are provided that are appropriate for the needs of early adolescents.  In grades 6-8, there is an uninterrupted core block of time for academic instruction in English, science, social studies, and math. The focus is on teaming.