• Project Details for Items 1 – 10 

    1. New Facility for Pupil Transportation


    In 2018, Henry County Public Schools acquired property with the intention of moving the Pupil Transportation Office and Bus Garage from its home in Collinsville, Virginia, to a new site in the middle of Henry County. Delays related to permitting and Covid-19 preparedness halted progress on this project until January 2021. In January of 2021, the Facilities Maintenance Department began work on the interior of the garage. In April 2021, a contract of site work was awarded to Steve Martin’s Trenching Company of Martinsville, Virginia. In May 2021, a contract will be awarded for the construction of the office area. The estimated substantial completion date for this project is August-September 2021. The projected move-in date will be later in the fall of 2021. 

    Pupil Transportation Blueprint

    2. Bassett High School Greenhouse


    The Horticulture Program at Bassett High School has been developing for several years and is ready to expand into a Greenhouse, which will be affixed to the existing building. The greenhouse is in the design phase with Cornett and Cundiff. HCPS will be putting the construction out for bid in June 2021. The anticipated start date for construction is summer of 2021, with a completion date estimated for the fall of 2021. 

    BHS Greenhouse Floor Plan

    3. G. W. Carver Elementary Kitchen and Cafeteria Expansion


    For years, G. W. Carver Elementary has been one of the biggest elementary schools in terms of student population. The kitchen and cafeteria that serve this student population, however, are among the smallest in the school division. This project intends to create a larger kitchen area and improve the seating capacity for the students at G. W. Carver Elementary. In 2021, RRMM completed a feasibility study for HCPS and provided two options to address the areas of concern. In the summer of 2021, the School Board will consider these options and decide upon a course of action. This project is likely to affect daily operations associated with feeding students and will likely be scheduled for summer months. 

    GW Carver Kitchen Expansion Floor Plan A


    GW Carver Kitchen Expansion Floor Plan B

    4. Bassett High School HVAC System Replacement, Ceiling Replacement, and Lighting Replacement


    After several construction phases spanning more than seven years, the roof replacement project at Bassett High School reached substantial completion in the fall of 2020. The remaining items in this project include an HVAC system replacement for the office area, dining rooms, the Fine Arts wing, and the auditorium. The new availability of ESSER III funds will help HCPS complete move this project into the design phase in the fall of 2021 and allow for construction to begin in the spring or summer of 2022. The ceiling replacement and lighting replacements will require funding from either the Building Improvement budget, the Facilities and Maintenance operating budget, or local revenue. The HVAC system, lighting, and ceilings have not been upgraded in these areas since 1978 with the exception of incidental lighting upgrades. This project would likely interfere with classroom instruction in some areas of the building but would not necessarily require that all aspects of the system replacements occur during the summer months. 

    5a and 5b. Field Houses at Both High Schools


    For nearly a decade, there has been support for the addition of field houses at both high schools. However, these projects have not been put to the front of line, and other projects have taken higher priority. The purpose of the field houses will be to provide shelter for our student athletes and coaches as well as the student athletes and coaches of visiting schools. The concept for each field house is a metal building on top of a concrete slab. The field houses will be designed to be large enough to provide temporary shelter for two teams, divided by a center wall and team restroom areas. Each side will have a bay of lockers and minimal storage. There will be some consideration given to the needs for additional public-use restrooms and concessions windows depending on the locations selected for each field house. The timeline for starting and completing this project remains dependent upon the availability of funds. This project would generally not cause disruptions to the learning environment. 

    6. Laurel Park Middle School Rooftop HVAC System Replacement and Roof Replacement


    The twenty-year warranty on the roof at Laurel Park Middle School has reached its expiration. This project will seek to replace the PVC roofing with a rubber EPDM roof. Additionally, the HVAC rooftop package units are due for replacement. This replacement may have implications for the Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes beneath the roof at Laurel Park Middle School. For this reason, the two projects are here consolidated into one project. The availability of ESSER III funds for improvement air quality and renovations may allow this project to enter the design phase in 2021 and construction phase in the summer of 2022. This is a project that would interfere with classroom instruction and would therefore be scheduled for times with minimal occupancy in the building. 

    7. Sanville Elementary Renovation


    The original structure for Sanville Elementary School was built in 1927. This elementary school is situated in the northwestern part of the county and serves the smallest student population in terms of membership. The library was renovated in 2017. The remaining items for this project include roof work, the construction of additional classrooms, and expansion of both the kitchen area and the parking lot. Some aspects of this project would interfere with the learning environment and other would not. The upcoming needs assessment will help to prioritize the various aspects of this project and future capital improvements for this site. 


    8a – 8d. Installation of Backup Generators at All Secondary Schools


    Henry County Public Schools has entered into agreements with Public Safety and the Red Cross to allow our secondary schools to be shelters during extreme weather events or other crises that result in widespread displacement of families. In these events, it is important to have the ability to prevent against power failure at the shelter sites, particularly for emergency medical equipment and cold food storage. The backup generators will also help to prevent food spoilage related to the power outages that are common during heavy snowfalls. The funding for the addition of backup power generators at these school sites is possible through a combination of grant support and local revenue.  

    9a – 9c. Chiller Replacement at Rich Acres Elementary School, Sanville Elementary School, and Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School


    The chillers in these buildings have exceeded their life expectancy. The availability of ESSER III funds may allow HCPS to move these projects into the replacement cycle in 2022. 

    10a – 10c. Elevator Installation at Drewry Mason Elementary School, Campbell Court Elementary School, and G. W. Carver Elementary School


    HCPS has three elementary schools that were constructed as multi-level buildings prior to the ADA requirement to make each floor accessible to wheelchair-bound students, parents, and employees. An elevator was installed at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School in 2020. Based on this project, HCPS estimates the addition of elevators at each of the three multi-level elementary schools will cost approximately $450,000 and create some degree of disruption to the learning environment. The biggest variable for these projects, however, is the amount of lead time for the availability of materials and contractors. Once the construction phase begins, there is an estimate of at least two months before the project is completed. In addition to the elevator design and construction costs, other reasonable accommodations will be made to existing structures, such as the addition of ramps and modifications to bathrooms to make the facilities more handicap accessible.