Budget Priorities


    High Quality Instruction 

    Curriculum: Develop and implement engaging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum that prepares all students for college, career, and citizenship

    Instruction: Identify and implement research-based instructional practices   and provide ongoing professional   learning opportunities to support these efforts.

    Assessment: Create a balanced assessment system that accurately measures student growth and achievement.




    High Quality Professionals

    Recruitment: Recruit and hire a diverse staff of high- quality professionals throughout the division.

    Retention: Retain a diverse staff of high-quality professionals throughout the division.

    Professional Learning: Provide professional learning opportunities for all employees to maximize personal and professional growth. 






    Safe & Innovative Learning Environment

    Safety: Provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all stakeholders.

    Environment: Collaborate with the school community to provide innovative learning environments that support today’s learners.

    Climate: Maintain a positive social and emotional climate for all students and staff.

    Technology: Ensure that innovative technologies are accessible to all students and staff.


     Family & Community   Engagement

     Communication: Foster active   and positive communication   among students, staff, families,   and the community to ensure that   all stakeholders are engaged and   well-informed.




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