• Kenya HairstonKenya Hairston
    Virginia Advising Corps Adviser (VCAC) offers advising through a "near-peer" mentoring model, that allows advisers closer in age to work with high school students. As advisors, we work to increase the college opportunity to low-income students. We train for college processes such as: Admissions, Financial Aid, Match and Fit in selecting post-secondary institutions, the school counseling profession, historic barriers in educational attainment, counseling and communication skills, a state-wide view of other access programs, and many more.  As an advisor, we also open our doors to students who wish to enter the career force or military post-graduation as well. 
    "It is my passion to serve communities that not only reflect myself, but to create a more accessible post-secondary journey for all students."

    Phone: 276-956-3147

    Email: kh4fb@virginia.edu

  • Alyssa RorrerAlyssa Rorrer
    Career coaches help high school students to explore interests, values and skills and identify matching potential career pathways. The career coaching process is intended to assist a student in discovering potential goals, building a plan for reaching these goals, and identifying any potential barriers to goal achievement. The coach facilitates informed and educated decision making which aligns the student’s plan with personal values, interests and potential. Coaches connect students with pre-college programs, including dual enrollment options, and additional resources geared towards career exploration. 

    "My objective is to empower students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare students for success in postsecondary education and training." 


    Phone: 276-956-3147

    Email: arorrer@patrickhenry.edu