• Henry County Public Schools will continue to take actions to ensure continuity of services, including but not limited to services to address students' academic needs and students' and staff social, emotional, mental health, and other needs.


    Students will attend school in person, physically reporting to the building each day of the week, unless the student has been accepted to the division's Virtual Academy. HCPS will provide new instruction for all students with a focus on acceleration, not remediation. Students will be assessed to determine learning loss and gaps, and differentiation of instruction will be provided through intensive small group instruction. All IEPs and LEPs will be followed. All students, PK-12, will be issued a device to support learning at school and virtually. Students who need access to the internet at home will be issued MiFis and Kajeets, if possible. If not possible, while at school, students will download necessary instructional items to their devices to be accessed without the use of the Internet, to use while learning from home. HCPS will use Canvas as our learning management system, requiring all teachers to provide instructional content via Canvas. There will be a focus on big ideas in the core areas integrating when possible.

    Teachers will utilize differentiation and flipped classroom models to provide instruction. 

    • Social/Emotional/Mental Health

    • Counselors will issue SEL pulse checks regularly

    • Individual and small group counseling sessions will be made available 

    • HCPS will continue to partner with United Way and Southside Survivor Response Center to offer a hotline for student use outside of school hours.