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  • Course Information

     Description :

    Students enrolled in this class will review basic skills in vocabulary, life stories, grammar, everyday conversation, and real-life reading.  Specific instruction will include:

    • Vocabulary- teaches key words and phrases relevant to the unit topic, and provides conversation practice using the target vocabulary.
    • Life Stories- expands on vocabulary learned in the previous lesson and furthers learners understanding through reading and writing about a life skills topic. 
    • Grammar: provides clear, simple presentation of the target structure followed by thorough, meaningful practice of it.
    • Everyday Conversation- provides learners with fluent authentic conversations to increase familiarity with natural English.
    • Real-Life Reading- develops essential reading skills and offers both life skill and pre-academic reading materials.

     Objectives and Goals: 

    • The objectives of this class are to teach meaningful communication while helping students improve their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills and to provide the student with the tools needed to achieve civics, workplace, academic competencies, and life skills.

    Benefits of taking this class:

    EL Resource class teaches real skills that could be used right away. These are the skills that will help EL students improve their lives in every area, from having interaction with teachers and classmates, and achieving their life goals