• Course Description

    Welcome to 8th grade English! Our focus this school year will be learning and developing our skills as critical thinkers, readers, writers, speakers, and listeners as outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL’s). The development and mastery of these important literary skills not only is important to achieving success in the English 8 classroom, it is a critical component of achieving success in other school subjects, building strong relationships with others, and attaining a flourishing career as an adult. Basically, the quality of life you experience now thorough adulthood will depend a lot on how well you read, write, and communicate with others. This year in English you will take the Writing SOL in March and the Reading SOL in May.


    Class Expectations

    Your appropriate behavior in class assures everyone of an environment conducive to learning. 


    Where do I go to find agendas and assignments?

    The agenda will be written on the board daily; however, you will be able to find assignments on the Laurel Park Middle School website and on Canvas


    What happens if I turn in an assignment late?

    Work not completed and turned in by the assigned date is considered late. All work is required to be submitted on time. If it is not, your grade me be affected.


    How will I check my grade in class?

    Parents and students are encouraged to check the Parent Portal or the Student Portal on a weekly basis to view the most current grades for EVERY class.


    What do I do if I am absent?

    Always check my website and Canvas for agendas, handouts, and assignment due dates. A student has two extra days to turn in any work assigned on a day a student was absent. If a quiz was administered on a day a student was absent, the quiz must be made up on the first day the student returns. It is the students responsibility to ask for any missed assignments due to absences.