• PowerSchool 

    PowerSchool is a web-based student information system used by Henry County Public Schools to maintain student data including attendance, grades, and course information. 

    Student Enrollment

    HCPS families may now enroll new students and verify information for returning students online.  The website to enroll and update information is https://www.henry.k12.va.us/domain/2798

    *It is important that parents/guardians remember the email account and password created as this will be the platform for all communication.*


    Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is be used by Henry County Public Schools. Teachers will use Canvas to post assignments, send messages to parents and students, display daily schedules, post homework, and so much more.  Parents and Guardians may be observers in their students' Canvas accounts in order to view grades, assignments, and course information.  Navigate to https://henry.instructure.com/login/canvas and select “Click here for an account” to begin the account creation.   Parents and Guardians will need an email address, user-defined password and student pairing code. Students can generate pairing codes from the User Settings inside their Canvas account. You may also obtain those codes from the child's classroom teacher.  For additional assistance, follow the step-by-step instruction guide that can be found here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Observer-Guide/How-do-I-sign-up-for-a-Canvas-account-as-a-parent/ta-p/540, or contact your child's school. 


    Registration will take place online through the Student/Parent Portal in PowerSchool. Students will have access to information concerning course selection for the coming year as well as the opportunity to meet with a counselor to discuss appropriate course selection. This Program of Studies should be used to review diploma requirements and the explanations of courses offered. The courses listed will be offered for the school year only if there is sufficient enrollment and available staff. Grade levels listed for courses indicate the grade(s) in which the course is normally taken. All students will be expected to maintain a full-day schedule of classes in order to meet at least the minimum standards necessary for graduation as mandated by Henry County Public Schools and the Virginia State Board of Education.

    Counseling Services

    The major goal of the middle school counseling program is to encourage optimal academic, personal, and career development in early adolescents. There are 3 school counselors at each middle school. They are available to provide classroom counseling activities, small group sessions, and individual counseling. Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their child’s education and should contact the guidance department for assistance with academic expectations, conferences, and support. Counselors, parents, teachers and students develop an academic and career plan together.


    There are many methods of communication both formal and informal that are available between the home and school. All parents or guardians are invited to conferences that are scheduled one day in the fall and spring. Parents may request additional conferences to discuss a child’s progress at any time by leaving a telephone message for a teacher or sending a note requesting a response.  In addition, parents can communicate with their child’s teacher through the Henry County Public Schools website and/or through the individual teacher’s email.  Each child receives a student agenda at the beginning of the school year. The use of the student agenda is a comprehensive approach to teaching students basic planning skills in a consistent and structured way.  Students are encouraged to write out their plans, assignments, goals, etc.  Their career choices, as well as define educational goals that will enhance their future plans.  The agenda is an excellent resource tool for supporting the teaching and learning of life and work skills. Critical messages from schools and the District are communicated via the school division’s Alert System.

    Student Activities

    Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, sports, student government, honor societies and other organizations. These provide students with many opportunities to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

    Career Preparation

    Students are provided career preparation opportunities. These experiences may include instruction in career assessments, career fairs, specific course content areas, and other experiences related to career exploration. All middle school students have access to Major Clarity, which is an Internet-based career planning system.  This career planning system provides information to help students explore careers based on their interests and begin creating an academic and career plan in the seventh grade.

    Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessment

    The Virginia Board of Education requires Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments at the middle school level. Students in the sixth grade take a Virginia SOL Test in reading and mathematics. Seventh grade students take reading, math, and social studies SOL tests. Eighth grade students take writing, reading, math, and science SOL tests. Those students enrolled in Algebra 1 must take the Algebra 1 End-of-Course Test.

    High School Credit Courses in Middle School

    Eligible students may take certain high school courses for credit. High school credit is offered in Algebra I and World languages. In accordance with the Standards of Accreditation 8VAC-20-131-90, parents have the right to have their child’s grade omitted from his/her transcript for the high school credit courses in which their child was enrolled during the eighth grade year. Should parents choose to omit the grade(s) from the transcripts, the student will not receive credit for the course. To have a child’s grade expunged, parents should submit a written request prior to the opening day of school to the principal of the high school where the student will attend. Questions concerning this option should be directed to your child’s school counselor.

    Piedmont Governor’s School

    Middle School students who may have interest in attending the Piedmont Governor’s School during high school are strongly encouraged to complete the Algebra I course in grade eight. Students selected to attend the Piedmont Governor’s School for Math, Science and Technology are enrolled for two years in a half-day program located at an off-campus site provided by Patrick & Henry Community College. Students interested in attending the Piedmont Governor’s School should contact a school counselor for an application in the winter of their sophomore year.  Admission to the Piedmont Governor’s School is highly competitive. Selection criteria include scores on the PSAT, SAT, and academic performance through tenth grade along with teacher and principal recommendations. For more information, please visit our website at www.henry.k12.va.us

    Piedmont Governor’s School - Summer Opportunity

    The Piedmont Regional Governor’s School is held each June in Chatham, Virginia, for students who have been identified as gifted. Those students who are in grades 6 or 7 during the 2022-23 school year may apply to participate in classes that include investigative research, creative thinking and problem solving, and product-oriented activities. Identified gifted students will receive an application in the spring from the guidance department with the dates and class offerings.

    ACE Academy

    Middle School students who may have an interest in participating in the ACE Academy during high school are strongly encouraged to complete the Algebra I course in grade eight. Students will earn an Associate’s Degree from Patrick & Henry Community College by taking courses during their junior and senior years of high school.  Students will attend Patrick & Henry for one-half day during their senior year.  All other courses will be taught at their home school.  Students interested in enrolling should contact a school counselor in the winter of their sophomore year for an application.  Admission to the ACE academy is highly competitive. Selection criteria include GPA, SOL scores, COMPASS scores, teacher recommendations and acceptance to Patrick & Henry Community College.  For more information, please visit our website at www.henry.k12.va.us