•  Profile of a Virginia Graduate

    In Virginia, the Life Ready Individual:

    •  Attains and is able to use the knowledge and skills described in the Standards of Learning for core instruction areas (English, math, science, and history/social science), the arts, personal wellness, languages, and Career and Technical education programs.
    •  Attains and demonstrates productive work ethic, Professionalism, and personal responsibility.
    •  Makes connections and is involved in the community through civic opportunities.
    •  Understands knowledge, skills and abilities sought by employers for career opportunities.
    •  Attains and demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to and achieve in a global society and be prepared for life beyond high school graduation.
    •  Communicates effectively in a variety of ways, and to a variety of audiences, to interact with individuals and within groups.
    •  Demonstrates integrity, maintains personal health and wellness, and shows respect for others.
    •  Aligns knowledge, skills, and abilities with personal interests to identify career opportunities.
    •  Explores multiple subject areas that reflect personal interests and abilities.
    •  Demonstrates workplace skills including collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and responsible citizenship.
    •  Shows respect for diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures in words and actions.
    •  Sets goals for career, school and life and has knowledge of a variety of pathways, course work, and/or requirements to achieve goals.
    •  Understands and demonstrates citizenship by participating in community and government decision-making.
    •  Develops skills to align to current workplace needs, and that adapt to evolving job opportunities.
    •  Applies skills and knowledge by participating in workplace experiences.
     Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship

    Henry County students shall acquire and demonstrate foundational skills in critical thinking, creative thinking,collaboration, communication, and citizenship in accordance with the Profile of a Virginia Graduate approved by the board.