• HCPS Virtual Learning Academy

    When the global pandemic is over and Henry County Public Schools returns to a traditional operating schedule, students in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to elect to participate in virtual learning via the Henry County Public Schools Virtual Learning Academy instead of attending school in person. Participation in the HCPS Virtual Learning Academy is by choice; therefore, HCPS Virtual Learning Academy students must meet particular expectations in order for them to be successful, and students must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to participate in the Virtual Learning Academy. Students and parents must also sign and agree to the HCPS Virtual Learning Requirements And Agreement. Students/families will indicate their preference for learning either in person or virtually when they register for the 2022-2023 school year.  At that time, the virtual learning agreement will be shared, agreed upon, and signed by the student and parent/guardian. Administration and school counselors will let parents and students know if acceptance into the virtual learning academy has been approved.  The Virtual Learning Academy will only begin when the global pandemic is over and HCPS has returned to daily in person instruction. For more information and details, please refer to the HCPS Virtual Learning Academy Requirements and Agreement. 


    Online Courses and Off-Campus Courses

    All online and off-campus courses must be pre-approved by the building principal.  The school division will contract with an online vendor as needed to offer courses that may not be available due to conflicts that prevent the class(es) from being offered in the traditional school setting. The cost of these courses shall be the responsibility of the school division.  

    Students may be interested in taking a course that HCPS is unable to offer. Students may choose to take this online course if approved by the principal. Students will report to the media center during the block in which the online class is scheduled.  If a student elects to take an online course, in lieu of a course offered by HCPS, the cost of the online course is the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. HCPS uses Virtual Virginia and Edgenuity as online vendors. Prices vary depending upon courses and availability. Contact your building principal and counselor concerning costs. 


    Students are enrolled by the counselor and approved by the principal. Students in Virtual Virginia courses who wish to drop a course must withdraw within 21 calendar days from the first day of the course. Students who fail to login over a 30 calendar day period will be administratively dropped from the course. Information about the program and course selection is available at www.virtualvirginia.org or with the school counselor. Students/families will indicate their preference for taking an online course when they register for the 2022-2023 school year.