Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When I try to register, ParentSquare does not recognize my email address. What should I do?  Contact the school and confirm that your email address is listed correctly in PowerSchool.  School office staff can make changes in PowerSchool to make the correction.
    2. Do I have to download the app? No, using the app is optional.  Parents and guardians can set up the ParentSquare account online without using the app.  All notifications will continue to be sent through emails, phone calls, and texts.
    3. Why is my student receiving their schedule and progress reports via the ParentSquare app?  Schedules and progress reports were previously distributed via SchoolMessenger. ParentSquare is now the communication tool utilized by the division. 
    4. Why am I not receiving text messages from ParentSquare?  The ParentSquare account has not been activated, the phone number is incorrect in PowerSchool, or a landline is listed in the home phone field in PowerSchool.  School office staff can make changes in PowerSchool to make the correction.
    5. My home language is Spanish.  How do I change the settings to receive notifications in my home language?  


         a. From the Home, click the "hamburger" on the upper left corner.

         b. Select Preferences.

         c. Select Language and choose the correct language.    


         a. From Home, click the down arrow next to your name, in the upper right.

         b. Select My Account.

         c. Click on Language Settings in the left-hand sidebar.

         d. Select your preferred language from the drop down menu and click Save. 

         e. To change the application menus to Spanish, click Español in the top menu bar. (To change back, click Ingles.)  Note: Spanish and English are the only languages available for the application menus.  Click here for more information.
    6. Why do I receive app notifications throughout the day?  Notifications are automatically sent instantly unless the settings are changed in the app.  To learn how to change the settings, please click here.
    7. I am unable to reach the school about my child’s absence today.  What should I do?  Parents can respond to the absence notification by clicking Send Note to School. The school will not be able to respond but the message will be recorded.