• Mrs. Billings' Class Information 


    Instructor:       Mrs. Billings
      Phone:  629-1731
      Email:  kbilling@henry.k12.va.us……
      Room: 40
    Class Rules:

    1. Do not use profanity.

    2. Stay on task.

    3. Show respect for others.

    4. Bring your agenda with you to class.

    5. Respects others' property.

    6. Bring supplies to class.
    7.  Be ready to have fun and learn!


    HCS Curriculum Guides                http://henryva.schoolwires.com/public/curriculum/

    The following methods of evaluation may be used to determine the grade:

    • Classwork
    • Homework
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Projects
    • Class Participation
    • Final Exam

    Citizenship: The following will result in lowering of a student's citizenship grade: class interruptions, horseplay, disrespectful attitude toward peers or teachers, and not staying on task.


    Students are expected to work during the entire class period.

    If a student must miss a scheduled test or work due to an absence, the student must make up missed assignments.  This must be done within 3 days of the absence.


    3-ring binder, pencil or pen, colored pencils and loose leaf paper