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    TEXT:   Drive Right   2000 Scott, Fresman, Addison, and Wesley / Health 2003 Glencoe McGraw-Hill


    In grade 10, students are proficient in all fundamental movement skills. Students self-select physical activities that they are likely to participate in throughout life. Students understand and apply key movement and fitness principles and concepts for activities in which they demonstrate competence. Students develop the ability to understand and anticipate how physical activity interests and abilities change across a lifetime. Students must demonstrate a level of competency in at least three lifetime physical activities and implement, self-assess, and modify a personal fitness plan. Classroom instruction includes driver education, first aid, and family life education. Classroom and in-car driver education focus on safe driving attitudes, time, space, and distance perception, skill development, and recognition of appropriate response to hazards in the ever-changing driving environment. Students apply basic driving skills in low-to-moderate traffic situations and progress to demonstration of skill proficiency in more complex traffic situations. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on extensive supervised practice with a licensed parent or guardian to develop precision in the use of skills, processes, and responsibilities.


    *In Driver’s Education students will be introduced to the requirements to becoming a safe and responsible driver.

    *In Health, students will be introduced to a variety of health concepts, skills, and behaviors to plan for their personal health goals.

    *In Physical Education, students will participate in all types of physical activities-games, sports, and recreational pursuits in order to understand the importance of lifelong participation in physical activity.




    Week 2 & 4: Module 1-3 (DE 1-3, 15, 18, 19)

    Week 6 & 8:  Module 4-6:  (DE 3-7, 12, 20)

    Week 10 & 12:  Module 7-10:  (DE 8-21)

    Week 14 & 16:  Chapter 15   Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

    Week 17:  Chapter 16   Nervous and Endocrine Systems

    Week 18:  Chapter  17  Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

    Week 18:  Chapter 18   Digestive and Urinary Systems

    TBA:  Family Life/ RELATE




    Week 1:  Aerobic and Fitness Training

    Week 3:  Physical Fitness Testing

    Week 5:  Lifetime Activities

    Week 7:  Volleyball

    Week 9:  Basketball

    Week 11:  Tennis

    Week 13:  Golf

    Week 15:  Soccer

    Week 17:  Softball


    1st 6 Weeks

    2nd 6 Weeks

    3rd 6 Weeks

    Physical Fitness Testing

    Lifetime Activities

    Fitness Testing


    Fitness Testing

    Module 1-2

    Module 5-7

    Chapter 15 Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems

    Aerobic Conditioning



    Module 3-4

    Module 8-10

    Chapter 16 Nervous and Endocrine Systems

    Chapter 17 Circulatory and Respiratory Systems



    Family Life / Relate



    Softball / Wiffleball




    Grades will be based on students’ performance on quizzes, tests, homework assignments, class assignments, partner activities, group work, class discussions, debates, projects, contents of notebook and exams.



    Grades in physical education will be 70% students’ participation and dressing out, 30% physical fitness scores.  Students must dress out (shorts or sweat pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts, and tennis shoes) and participate in physical education activities.  Students not dressing out will be given a disciplinary referral after 3 times.  Students will be deducted 7 points per offense for not dressing out or not participating.  In order to be excused from physical education, students must have a doctor’s excuse or a detailed note from a parent explaining why you are not able to participate.  One parent note will be accepted per grading period.  At the end of each grading period, PE and Health grades will be averaged together.


    1. Students must be in assigned seat when bell rings or they will be considered tardy.
    2. Students must be prepared for class with pencil or pen, book, and notebook.
    3. Students must participate in all class activities (individual, partner, and group).
    4. Students who miss work in Health class will have three days to make up work. Failure to do so will result in loss of credit. It is the students’ responsibility to acquire any make up work.
    5. Disruptive students will not be tolerated.
    6. No horseplay in class
    7. Students must follow all rules in Bassett High School Handbook.



    1. Students must be in locker room when the tardy bell rings. Students should remain in the locker room until dismissed to the gym by a teacher.
    2. All students must dress in PE locker rooms. No students will be allowed in any team locker room.
    3. Students will have 6 minutes after the tardy bell to be seated in their exercise line. Failure to be in your spot will result in a tardy. 
    4. Students should sit in assigned seat when they enter the gym
    5. Lock all of your belongings at all times. The school is not responsible for lost items.
    6. Do not leave the gym, fields, courts or assigned area without permission.
    7. Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed in the gym, locker room, or hallway.
    8. Students must stay in designated areas. If a student is found outside of a designated area, he/she will be considered out of assigned area and be given a discipline referral.
    9. At the end of each class students should dress and remain in the locker room until dismissed to the hallway by a teacher.



    If your child has a medical problem, please state the condition and type of medical treatment.

    Condition_______________________ Medical Treatment_____________________


    Condition_______________________Medical Treatment______________________


    Emergency Phone Numbers:_____________________________________________

    Contact Person in case of emergency______________________________________



    I understand and agree to follow the above rules and procedures in both health and physical education.  If I have any problems or concerns, I can contact my teacher at Bassett High School.


    Student’s Signature___________________________________


    Parent’s Signature____________________________________


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