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    SUBJECT:  Welcome and Introduction


    1.   I would like to welcome your family into or back to JROTC.  As you may know, JROTC is a cooperative effort between the local school system and the Army in over 1560 locations around the world.  Its purpose is to emphasize citizenship, leadership, individual responsibility and school graduation.  Each cadet will be given the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills; try out for the Drill and Raider teams (GPA must be 2.0 or better); and participate in physical training and hikes. They can also participate in field trips, present the Nation’s Colors at sporting events and official functions, participate in parades, and improve themselves both physically and academically.


    2.   JROTC utilizes a military structure as a vehicle to teach leadership and responsibility.  As such, the students will most likely experience a more structured and disciplined environment than in their other classes.  For example, students will be addressed as “Cadet” followed by their last name.  Upon demonstrated performance and potential, they will receive a cadet rank of “Private” with the opportunity to earn rank up to “Colonel”.  Cadets will be issued uniforms, free of charge, and be required to wear them on Wednesdays, and must maintain proper appearance (cleanliness, haircuts, clean-shaven, etc).  We will take care of the tailoring but the cadets are responsible for the care and cleaning of their uniforms.  If uniform items are lost or damaged due to negligence, the cadet/parent may be held liable for replacement.  Cadets will also have the opportunity to earn awards and ribbons to wear with their uniform.  Awards and ribbons are earned for Academic Excellence; participation in parades, JROTC Teams and/or Varsity Sports; Perfect Attendance; and Personal Appearance to name just a few. 


    3.   The JROTC Curriculum also places emphasis on wellness and physical fitness.  Cadets will be required to participate in physical fitness, normally on Mondays and Fridays, and must wear appropriate physical fitness attire which includes sweat pants, sweat shirt, shorts, t-shirts, running shoes and athletic socks. As the weather gets colder, the cadets will also need to have knit caps and gloves.


    4.  Supplies needed for all of the JROTC classes:

                a. Physical Training clothing.

                            1.  Summer: Shorts, T-shirt, socks, running shoes. (optional T-shirt and shorts purchase $12.)

                            2. Winter:  Summer items and additional items to include sweat suit (top and bottom), knit cap, and gloves.

                b. Required Classroom Supplies.

                            1Pen and pencil

                            2.  3-hole punched 8 1/2 x 11 “College Ruled paper

    5.  For additional information about the JROTC curriculum, history, JROTC Teams, class schedule, etc., please visit the instructor’s web site by going to: http://web.henry.k12.va.us/site/default.aspx?PageType=1&ChannelId=341&DirectoryType=6


    6.  LTC David Hann, and I are looking forward to another exciting, active, and productive semester in JROTC and am glad that a member of your family has chosen to be part of the JROTC program.  If you have any questions or concerns now or in the future, please contact us at our direct JROTC number 629-1154.  You are always welcome to visit or accompany our daily or integrated-curricular activities.  We especially invite you to become actively involved as a chaperone for our out of town activities.  Again, welcome to JROTC! 

    7.   Parents, please keep this letter and the enclosed Course syllabus for your records.  Please complete the attached forms and return them no later than


    1 enclosure                                                                                                                    Date

    1.      Course Syllabus

    5 attachments

    1.  Privacy Act and Health Statement

    2.      Personal Data Entry Form

    3.      JROTC Parental Release

    4.      JROTC Uniform Policy

    5.      JROTC Personal Appearance Policy