• What are integrated curriculum activities?

    What are integrated curriculum activities?

    While participation is not required of every cadet, instructors encourage every cadet to participate in at least one JROTC or school integrated-curricular activity. Below are the JROTC integrated-curricular activities available to students who maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

    Drill Team- cadets travel to different schools in and out of their district to compete in drill competitions.

    Color Guard- cadets travel to different schools in and out of their district to compete in color guard competitions and provide color guard details for home football games and ceremonies in the district when requested.

    Raider Team- a physical team that travels to areas to compete in activities such as 5k run, push-ups, rope bridge, truck pull, logistics relay.

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  • Drill Team (Click Here For Pictures)

    Drill Team (Click Here For Pictures)

    The Bassett High School Drill team is a group of cadets that perform different drill and ceremony moves and commands. They travel and compete in drill meets in Virginia and North Carolina throughout the year. The Drill team consists of : platoon unarmed, platoon armed, squad unarmed, squad armed, individual, and a competition color guard. The Bengal Drill team also consists of two teams, the competition team, and alternates. Our Bengal Drill team believes that if you tryout for the team you are not cut from the team. You are either put on our competition team, which is the team that will actually travel to meets, or you are put as an alternate, which does not compete but fill in. These cadets put forth an effort that really proves what our Bengal Battalion represents- We Are Trendsetters

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  • Raider Team (Click Here For Pictures)

    Raider Team (Click Here For Pictures)

    The Raider Team is a physically elite band of Cadets who strive to always perform mentally as well as physically- 100% and then some. They strive for:2 minute time on the Rope Bridge event Properly executing the maximum push-ups and sit-ups in either one or two minutes Running a 6:30 mile Learning, practicing, and executing land navigation and emergency first aid Last, but not least, they still have the intestinal fortitude and will power to run a 5 km course home.

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  • Color Guard (Click Here For Pictures)

    Color Guard (Click Here For Pictures)

    As the color guard commander I consider it a privilege to display our nations colors for special events. Also as the color guard commander, my duties are but not limited to:1. Train color guard members.2. Represent the cadet battalion at activities as directed by the cadet battalion commander, cadet battalion XO, or the staff instructor.3. Coordinate uniform, flag, and weapon requirements with the S-4.4. Schedule competitions for the color guard; coordinate these activities with the S-3 and cadet battalion training schedule.5. Inspect activities and personal appearance of color guard members.6. Be thoroughly familiar with FM 3-21.5.

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