7th and 8th Grade Handbells


    Course Description:  In handbells, students develop musical skills through playing the bells.  Lessons will emphasize the different elements of music by becoming proficient in playing various musical pieces in class and during scheduled performances.  Their knowledge and appreciation for music will be enhanced during this class.

      Glenda Inman

    Contact:     ginman@henry.k12.va.us

    Material needed:  none

    Class Evaluation:
      Participation as well as written assignments


    Grading Policy:

    All grades will be weighted evenly between daily participation, homework, concerts, test, and quizzes.



    *Unexcused concert absents will result in a zero

    Code of Conduct:  
    1.  Be Respectful
    2.  Be Motivated
    3.  Be aware of all classroom procedures
    4.  Put forth your best effort
    5.  No chewing gum
    6.  Have FUN

    *Observe all school and county rules listed in handbook and code of conduct. School’s Swords for Success applies.