• Mrs. Bailey F. Showalter
    Algebra 1
    Schools are closed, but that doesn't mean that school is out.  We still have to finish this course so that you can get your high school credit.
     Keep working!!!!
    I am checking your progress daily through IXL and Kahoot!
     UPDATE APRIL 1 - Google Meets for Thursday and Friday have been canceled.
    We will begin again on April 14. Check here or your student email for your new link.
    Keep working on the posted assignments!
    Happy a Happy and Safe Spring Break!
    New Kahoot! Challenge - March 30 - April 3
    The link to this week's Kahoot! Challenge is below. The questions represent material from Unit 10 on Linear Inequalities.  The timer is OFF, so don't rush! Please do not use a nickname that I cannot identify! I need to know who you are!
    This challenge expires Friday, April 3 at 4:00 p.m.
    The PIN is 062987. Good luck!
    Unit 10 - Systems of Inequalities
    Since we began this unit before school closed, you know how easily these problems can be solved on the Desmos Graphing Calculator.  Practice IXL skills T.1, T.3, T.5, and T.6. You don't have to score 100, but having a score of at least 70 shows that you got it!
    There is a video of this lesson in Unified Classroom!!!!!! Click on the "pop-out" to view the video!
    Grades are going into the gradebook for the Unit 10 IXL's. If your grade says "exempt", that means that you have passed that skill. If the grade is a "?", that means that you have not yet achieved a score of 70 on that skill, and the grade is still missing. Don't let your missing grades become failing grades! Let's get them done!
    Unit 11 - Quadratic Equations
    There are 3 ways to solve Quadratic Equations that we must know.  
    (3/30 - 3/31)  #1 Solving Quadratics by Graphing - Do this one first! Desmos is your best friend!
    Your notes and a video of this lesson are in Unified Classroom!!!!!!
    Click on the "pop-out" to view the video!
    (4/1 - 4/3)  #2 Solving Quadratics by Factoring - I warned you!  LOL (IXL BB.7, BB.8)
    Make sure you are doing the ALGEBRA IXL! Some of you did 8th Grade......
    Your notes and videos of Part 1 and Part 2 of this lesson are in Unified Classroom!!!!!!
    Click on the "pop-out" to view the video!
    Warning - Do not view Part 2 until you have completed the assignment for Part 1!
    (week of 4/14) #3 Solving Quadratics by the Quadratic Formula - Just plug and chug!  This formula IS on your SOL formula sheet. (IXL BB.11)
    Your notes for this lesson are in Unified Classroom!!!!!! The video will be uploaded at a later date!
    Unit 12 - Curves of Best Fit
    SOL Review 
    This section contains a study guide and some practice problems for SOL review.   
    Keep calm and wash your hands!