• Syllabus



    Welcome to Mr. Thompson & Mrs. Collins’ Math 7 Class

    We will have a successful year, learning and applying the concepts of 7th Grade Math.

    To Get Started:    Supply List 

     - 1 Composition Book (for notes)

    - 1 Spiral bound notebook (for practice)


    - glue sticks (No bottles of glue)

    - Pencils, wooden or mechanical   (no pens in Math class)

    - Highlighters or colored pencils


     This is how we will be successful:


    1) Treat everyone with respect.              Everything in the classroom revolves around this policy!

    2) One person speaks at a time.        

    3) No one leaves his or her seat without permission.

    4) Be on time and be prepared.



    • Ipads

    Ipads are to be brought to school every day, fully charged.

    • Materials/Supplies

    Students must have pencils and all proper materials with them every day.

    • Bell Ringer Assignment

    Each day, when the bell rings, students will be working on the assignment that is posted on the board.

    • Transitions to Groups or Teams

    This is not the time to sharpen pencils, throw away trash or socialize.

    • Going to Restrooms and to Lunch

    During restroom and lunch breaks, the class will line up and walk through the halls in a single-file line, silently.

    If at first you don't succeed, you're like everyone else who went on to greatness.

        -- Patrick Combs


    Grading Scale/ Format

    A+   100 – 97                        B+    89 – 87             C+    79 – 77             D+    69 – 68             F       59 - 0

    A       96 – 93             B      86 – 83              C      76 – 73             D      67 – 66

    A-     92 – 90              B-     82 – 80             C-     72 – 70             D-     65 – 60


    Formative Assessments such as homework, classwork and Bell Ringers will constitute 10% of the grade.

    Minor Summative Assessments such as quizzes and projects will constitute 30% of the grade.

    Major Summative Assessments such as unit tests and major projects will constitute 60% of the grade.


    Math is a Sport Like any sport, practice is essential. Skills are not developed without practice. The athlete who skips practice or skips exercises does not succeed, and neither will the Math student. However, the athlete (student) that completes exercises and practices as directed will always succeed.


    Summary:    Effort is rewarded,

                        Lack of effort is penalized.


    I look forward to a successful year!


    Mr. Thompson         dthompso@henry.k12.va.us

    Mrs. Collins             jcollins@henry.k12.va.us