• Health/PE Syllabus

    Health/PE Syllabus

    Physical Education Syllabus

    The health and physical education program is designed to teach students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to live a healthy lifestyle and select healthy and safe behaviors. Physical Fitness tests are administered twice during the school year to monitor your child’s fitness level.

    Participation Guidelines: All students must participate in PE unless excused by a parent or doctor’s note.
    • Parent notes must include name, date, telephone number and reason for the excuse. There is a limit of 2 parent notes per 9 weeks.
    • Doctor’s notes should include the nature and duration of the problem.
    • Students who fail to participate or wear tennis shoes are subject to losing points and/or disciplinary action.

    Gym Rules:
    • Students should be respectful of teachers and classmates.
    • Students are to enter the gym and sit in the assigned area.
    • Students are not to leave the gym without permission.
    • Bullying will not be tolerated.

    Required Supplies: Tennis Shoes (Students are required to wear tennis shoes or they will receive a ZERO for their daily grade.)

    Grading: Unit Quizzes/Projects will be 100 points. Students will receive 50 points per day to equal 100 points per week as follows:
    • 20 Points- Activity
    • 20 Points- Exercises/Running
    • 10 Points- Shoes
    • Health Assignments 100 points per assignment

    • Misbehavior may result in the student sitting out of PE until the teacher feels he/she is ready to return. Points may be lost during this time. Student/Teacher conference
    • Conference/Phone call/ Email with the parents. Strike or referral

    ** Students are responsible for their personal belongings.**

    I have read the syllabus for PE. By signing below, I understand the consequences in PE class. Please sign and return.

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