I expect all my students to  show ALL the work 
                           MY CLASSROOM POLICY
                          " No Work No Credit"                              
                                               CLASS RULES 
    Attendance /Late/Make- up work policy:

    It is important for students to attend class. When students are absent, they are missing explanations on the material being covered in class. An absence causes students to work harder at understanding the information required to be learned. In other words, you need to be in school so you do not jeopardize your SOL tests. In the event of an absence, make up work will be found in a folder in the classroom labeled “MAKE UP WORK”. All students are required to check this folder for make-up work and return the work to the proper tray for their period to be graded.


     Notebook Requirements:

    All students are required to keep a Interactive notebook specifically for math and Algebra 1. Your notebook will be graded on a weekly basis for content and neatness, as organization is the key to passing .Divider tabs to separate the SOL standards.

    Home work
    Every day Homework is given (Monday thru Friday) If you failed to do homework - you are made to sit in working lunch and complete it for homework grade and if he /she is absent they need to make up that day home work.
    Class assignments.
    After every topic their will be quiz and it is ongoing process students should be on task in class and do every day homework so that they will be ready for  quiz .Will be informed one day before for  quizzes and after every unit we will be having major test and mostly it is online test on Power test and will be told atleast 2-3 days in advance and posted on website and also all remainders will be sent through weekly emails.
     Change of Class/Fire Drill/Lining Up For Lunch/Etc:

    Whenever we are to leave the classroom, you are to push in your chairs and exit the classroom in a single file line. Once the entire class is lined up against the wall, we will go to the required destination. You are representing our  Math /Algebra 1 class when we are outside of the room, so you are expected to be on your BEST BEHAVIOR.