Our class schedule:

    7:30 – 8:15      Breakfast, unpack, prepare for the day, and complete morning work.

    8:15 – 9:30      MATH

                8:15-8:30         Math Meeting (Whole Group Lesson)

                8:30-9:15         At Your Seat (skills practice using math books, worksheets, center activities, etc.)

                                        Tech Time (IXL cards, Moby Math; math apps, etc.)

                                        Hands On (Interactive Math Notebooks & practice using manipulatives)

                9:15-9:30         Share & Reflect (Math Journals, Math Talk, Exit Cards, etc.)

     9:30-10:10       Itinerant

                            M = Library      T = PE     W = Computer Lab       TH = PE       F = Art/Music

     10:10-10:20     Correct Math Homework & Morning Work, then play Prodigy.

     10:20-11:30     Reading/Language Arts

     11:30-12:00     Lunch (Tuesdays & Thursdays: Lunch = 11:35 – 12:05)

     12:00-12:30     Recess (M/W/F) Read Aloud (T/Th) and Bathroom Break

     12:30-1:15       Guided Reading w/ Reading Team Member

    *Students who are not reading with a teacher will work quietly on Cursive, Partner Reading (fluency partner plays/Dolch words/read guided reading assignments), and Technology (RAZ kids, Moby Max Reading, etc.)

     1:15-1:45         PALs/Remediation

     1:45-2:40         Science/Social Studies/Literature Extensions & prepare for dismissal

     2:40                 Dismissal

    Classroom Expectations:
    1. Follow directions the first time
    2. Try our very best
    3. Respect ourselves, others, and our classroom
    4. Be prepared
    5. Listen and participate
             HAVE FUN!!!
    What we're studying:
    Click each content area to see the 3rd Grade Standards of Learning.
    English         Math          Science         Social Studies