Class Policies

    Our class policies are:

    1.                Raise your hand if you have something to share/ask.

        2.                Listen carefully and always be prepared for class.


    3.                Be cooperative, respectful and kind to others.  Name calling, back talk, rolling eyes, and excluding others is a no-no!!


    4.                Be respectful of our school property.

        5.                Keep your desk area neat and clean.


    6.                Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.


    7.     Use your time wisely, stay on task, and follow directions.  This includes working in one's own space!


    I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of boys and girls in her first grade class this year.  It is very rare that we have disruptions.  If we have a disruption, the students are aware of what happens.

    As a teacher I am a firm believer in positive praise.  I encourage myself to find as many ways possible to reinforce the positive behaviors of my students.  So often children are only reminded of the negative actions they display.  As an extension of my personal philosophy, I have created a system entitled, “Positive Choices.”  This plan is a computerized program (classdojo.com) where positive actions bring rewards and negative actions bring consequences.  Each student has a computerized avatar that will be displayed on our classroom Smart Board throughout our day together.  As students complete positive actions (great citizenship, helping others, completing classwork and homework, staying on-task, and participating) they earn points.  Likewise, as students complete negative actions (off-task, non-participation in classroom activities, non-completion of classwork or homework, spending time wisely, or just poor citizenship choices) they will receive negative points.  Students who stay on the positive side all day long will leave with a small treat as well as the feeling of knowing they did an awesome job in class for that day.  Students that remain on the positive side ALL WEEK will visit the various prize stations each afternoon before dismissal!


    Students who exhibit desirable behavior during an entire nine weeks grading period will be rewarded with self-manager activities.  These self-manager activity/special rewards may consist of the following:  helping the teacher prepare and deliver a classroom lesson; read a book to the class; extra computer time; helping teacher decorate bulletin boards; receiving prizes, stickers, rewards, etc. 
    It is your child's best interest that we work together in relation to his/her schooling.  I will thus be in close contact with you regarding your child's performance in our classroom.  A classroom newsletter will be sent to you weekly.  If I have any issues regarding behavior I will notify you at that time or immediately if the condition requires.


    Please make note! 

    The following behaviors will result in students being sent directly to the principal:


    Fighting (includes forceful shoving, pushing, and pinching)


    Bullying or making threats (verbal or written) - Some examples of this include silent treatment, intimidation, or invasion of personal space.