• homework



    Listen to your child read the vocabulary words on the skill sheet and discuss 
          the meaning of each word. Have your child complete it. 


         Listen to your child read the story aloud. Remember to be a good listener!   
         Have your chlld complete the skill sheet.  Some questions need to be written
         in complete sentences.
         Help your child complete the skill sheet. It will reinforce a math skill that has
         been introduced.


    Help your child complete  a science or social studies skill sheet.


    Your child can choose a homework activity to do each night with his/her spelling words.  A grid has been placed on the inside cover of your child's daily folder where he/she can make their choice.  It should be turned in each morning.  It can be completed on notebook paper.  Please put the number of each assignment in the upper left hand corner along with their name and date. Your signature is also required on each assignment.




    Enjoy the Weekend!!!!!

    Love, Mrs. Reynolds

    *Before reading, look at the pictures in the story. Please take some time to listen to your child read the story aloud. If your child has trouble with a word, help him or her figure it out by asking such questions as:
         What is the beginning sound? The ending sound? The middle sound?
         Does the picture give you a clue?
         What word makes sense in the sentence or story?

    **A spelling word list will be issued on Monday of each week. Have your child study the words a few minutes each night in addition to other assignments.