• Classroom Expectations Plan
    Each school year the students and I set forth our "Classroom Expectations."  I prefer to use the term "expectations" rather than "rules or discipline" because when the students create these based upon their prior knowledge they take ownership of these expectations.  In addition, I know what they expect of me and they know what is expected of them.
    1.  We can respect others when we use our voice, body and actions.
    2.  We can listen to the teacher or the person who is talking.
    3.  We can help each other so that we all can do our best  in class.
    4.  We can have fun while we are learning something new.
    1.  Warning to the student
    2.  Mark is placed in the "Discipline Notebook"
    3.  Student writes a note to parents about their behavior in class.
    4.  Student writes a note to the principal about their behavior.
    1.  Verbal Praise (Daily)
    2.  Stickers are placed on each student's "expectation chart" (Daily)
    3.  Positive notes are sent home (Random)

    *The students and I make a contract with one another and create our expectations for class.  The ones above are those we created together this year.