Mrs. Jacquelyn Hunter/Kindergarten



    7:30-8:00 Student Arrival/ Breakfast
    8:00-8:15 Morning Work/Announcements

    8:15-8:45 Math/Calendar Activites

    8:45-10:45 Reading/Language Arts

    10:45-11:15  Lunch

    11:15-11:30 Handwriting

    11:30-11:45 Recess/Read Aloud 

    12:30-12:45 Recess or Read Aloud

    11:45-12:45 Math

    12:45-1:15 Enrichment/Remediation/PALS pullout

    1:45-2:30  Itinerant (see schedule)

    2:30-2:40 Read Aloud/Prepare for Dismissal

    2:30-2:40 Dismissal 

    Schedule may change through out the year.



    Weekly Skills and Topics for December 2-6,  2019


    Letter /Letter Sounds and Blending-S, M, D, P, A, H, T, N. L, I, B, C

    Story-The Gingerbread Man

    Skill: Story Recall and Sequence/Story Characters/Makebelieve/Story Sequence

    Writing- Launching Unit for Lucy Calkins/Picture Talk (naming words, adjective, verbs. sentences)

    High Frequency Words-the/a/see/I/to/my/by/and/go/he/has/you/we/of/am/at/is/in/it/his/can

    Math-Patterns/Upcoming Graphing

    Social Studies-Needs and Wants



    Reading-Practice two sight words or letters/Read from the bagie of books/Practice for the oral reading test on Thursday.

    Math-Practice oral counting and complete the pattern sheet

    Itinerant for December 6-PE with Johnson
    Itinernat for December 12 PE with Mabry 
     November 27-29-Fall Break 
    December 1-November Book It Forms Due
    December 10th-Penguin Patch shopping for Mrs. Hunter's class/School Skate
    December 20th-3 hour early dismissal day/Winter Break